Castle Valley Mill is Back to Their Full Product List After COVID

Castle Valley Mill, a small local mill in Pennsylvania that uses 300 year-old technology to produce nutrition-packed flours and meals, is back with its full line of products on their online store.

Doylestown, PA, June 19, 2020 --( With the COVID pandemic finally seeming to retreat into the shadows, Castle Valley Mill is back full-force with the specialty grains they’ve become known for.

Castle Valley Mill, a small local mill in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, has been a rock for at-home chefs and bakers who were searching for product in a flourless pandemic. Due to the violent upswing in online orders, they had to pare down to the basics - such as hard and soft whole wheat. But today, their online store is fully stocked and ready for business.

“During the mad rush, we had to reduce the range of products we offered to meet the core demands of bakers,” said Mark Fischer, the owner and operator of the mill. “But now we’re delighted to return to doing what we do best - specialty stone ground meals, grits and flours.”

Some of these are grains such as Silver King cornmeal and grits, whole spelt flour, and the product that captured the heart of Food and Wine writer Margret Eby, bolted rye flour.

“Panic buying is over,” said Fran Fischer, owner of Castle Valley Mill. “Quality buying is up.”

The difference between Castle Valley Mill and bigger brand name flours (such as King Arthur) is the process. Modern milling is done on roller mills, a process that heats up the product and removes the germ, the most nutritious and flavorful part of the seed. Castle Valley uses old school technology and 300 year-old millstones to match. Their product is “live” - full of essential nutrients, proteins and fats.

“I’m excited finally to be out of the red zone,” said the packing room manager Liesel Fischer. “It’s delightful to be back milling craft flour for our artisanal bakers.”

The Fischers continue to better their business, and continue to produce high quality ingredients for high quality food. For more information, visit their website,, and their instagram @cvmllc.
Castle Valley Mill
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