Collegewise Launches Wise(r)net to Help Students Achieve More

Digital platform for admissions counseling, academic services provides greater insight, organization and efficiency between counselors, tutors, parents and students.

Los Angeles, CA, June 26, 2020 --( Collegewise, the nation’s largest college admissions organization, announces the launch of Wise(r)net, the first of its kind digital platform for college admissions counseling and academic services. Wise(r)net will leverage the power of more than 20 years of experience and knowledge to create greater insight and more tools for students to reach their potential and own their next life chapter. By pairing the unique, complex, human side of counseling and academic development with this new, advanced technology, Collegewise will provide families with a roadmap for progress, clear expectations, and streamlined communication and organization.

“The college counseling world was rocked last year by the admissions cheating scandal. This year, we are facing a pandemic that has left seniors wondering if they should enroll this fall or take a gap year, and schools wondering if they will be able to open campuses,” said Joel Block, Collegewise CEO & Managing Partner. “As thought leaders in the industry, the Collegewise team knew we had to be the engine of change. The admissions landscape is changing, colleges are shifting their expectations and requirements and Wise(r)net will enable our team to better support students. It will also lift the veil to provide greater insight for parents and students into how the entire process unfolds and give them more tools for success.”

Starting now, Collegewise Academic Services, including group courses, small group tutoring and hourly private tutoring for students in elementary through high school, will be managed through Wise(r)net. Collegewise plans to launch its counseling services on the Wise(r)net platform in 2021.

“If schools reopen this fall, students may feel like they have fallen behind and are not fully prepared to move ahead in their studies due to lost classroom time this spring,” said Chelsea Block Collegewise Chief Operating Officer. “If online learning continues to be the new normal, students may need more one-on-one time with an instructor than can be offered during limited digital classroom time. Whatever back-to-school looks like this year, more students will need outside classroom learning support than ever before. Tutors, parents and students will be more organized and empowered by Wise(r)net and it will provide the certainty families need in these tumultuous times.”

Through Wise(r)net, students and parents will have access to resources and guidance that will allow them to make more informed decisions. Based on student needs and goals, a custom timeline is created that supports classroom learning and coordinates with testing dates for AP courses, if applicable. Through Wise(r)net, parents and students will be able to log into the system to view the current tutoring hours tracker, purchase additional courses or tutoring hours, review session notes, assigned tasks, schedule sessions and communicate with tutors. Wise(r)net synchs with text messaging services so parents, students and tutors can communicate via text, and all conversations are saved in the platform. Wise(r)net will also automate session reminders and post-session review emails from tutors. Wise(r)net provides families with a visualized roadmap for progress and clear expectations for students, counselors, and tutors alike.

“The college experience is changing very rapidly. It is becoming more social, financially complex, and digitally-enabled in every way,” said Alex Rosenthal, Principal, Verlinvest, a major shareholder in Collegewise. “While many students get lost in the information available and the complexity of the application process, the Collegewise team has built a next generation digital platform that gives our students an advantage in understanding the application process and managing their workload, and ultimately a leg up in admissions.”

Collegewise has expert tutors available for most subjects taught in elementary school through college level courses, including popular subjects like Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus, Algebra 2, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Language, Literature, AP courses and study skills. For more information on academic services available through Collegewise, visit:

About Collegewise

Since 1999, Collegewise has helped more than 24,000 families with their students’ college admissions process. For 20 years, we have remained steadfast in our belief that applying to college can be a thoughtful, positive experience when students are empowered with the tools and information to take ownership of the next chapter in their lives. Our counselors come from a variety of backgrounds. Many are former admissions officers, high school counselors, and graduate degree holders. We’ve read thousands of college applications and essays from both sides of the desk—as both admissions officers and college counselors.

Collegewise’s mission is both simple and ambitious; it strives to provide top-notch admissions advice to students who need it, regardless of their ability to pay for one-on-one counseling services. Every year, thousands of people download Collegewise’s free resources, tune in to its free webinars, and attend its college admissions seminars across the United States and Asia. For more information about Collegewise, visit

About Verlinvest:

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