OSG Launches New Employee Engagement Survey Application Launched for HR Professionals

Newtown, PA, July 01, 2020 --(PR.com)-- PxidaTX is a revolutionary new employee survey platform that empowers any organization to create highly effective employee surveys in a matter of minutes and to derive insight on the underlying motivations of employees on a deep, granular level. Using PxidaTX, HR professionals can easily identify the actions they can take to improve their employee experience.

The company behind PxidaTX, OSG, for more than a decade, has developed its proprietary behavioral analytics technology for enterprise level global brands. Now, PxidaTX utilizes this carefully refined technology to focus on the employee life cycle from recruitment, onboarding, development and engagement right through to their exit to better understand how to keep employees happy, thus improving employee satisfaction and engagement, turnover rate and cost associated with employee churn.

OSG’s Chief Product Officer, Simon Dumville said, “All organizations benefit from more engaged and motivated employees. Improvements in productivity, reduction in staff churn and associated recruitment costs are clear trackable benefits PxidaTX customers can expect. We have very cost-effective packages for any organization, from 50 employees, right up to enterprise level businesses. It is a fully scalable and highly effective solution for any organization that wants to understand their employees and build effective action plans.”

Building surveys in PxidaTX is simple. No prior experience of survey building software is required. Ready-built surveys are provided for each point of the employee life cycle and can be deployed as is or can easily be tailored to the organization’s needs through an intuitive editing process. It is simple and easy to move or delete questions or to add new questions. PxidaTX platform supports several types of questions, including multiple choice, text and matrix-type questions as well as more advanced options, such as choosing an image or uploading a file where required. While building a survey, HR professionals can switch to the live survey preview to see exactly what the employee completing the survey would see and then switch back to their survey design screen to continue to perfect their survey.

Surveys can be tailored by department for improved relevancy, which can lead to higher response rates. In the survey builder, PxidaTX users upload employee contact details by department and then easily deploy the survey by email and subsequently view and analyze the results for a specific team in a single department folder.

Employee survey invitations can quickly be customized with corporate branding and company logo to send employees a clear corporate message.

PxidaTX is an affordable, yet powerful survey building tool and is offered as a subscription service product. PxidaTX also offers businesses and organizations who are new to the survey building platform a free trial option.

With a free trial on offer and company packages starting from $100 per month, PxidaTX will quickly justify its investment.
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