Brod Ivory Opens ActionCOACH Practice

Management expertise adds depth to Sydney team.

Las Vegas, NV, April 20, 2008 --( Heeding the advice he regularly extends to clients, Brod Ivory’s career now supports the lifestyle he desired, instead of preventing it.

As a newly certified ActionCoach, trained in that program’s solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, Ivory is a firm believer in its focus on lifestyle values. After twenty successful years managing large operations and marketing teams for several of Australia’s largest corporations, Ivory decided to use his experience and talent, and the ActionCOACH system, to teach local business owners how to extract lifestyle value from their companies – the same values Ivory enjoys from his new business.

ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching company, partners with regional business experts around the world to deliver proven business coaching programs to entrepreneurs. Too often, business owners have the professional expertise and skills to create a stable income, but lack the business organizational skills to grow the company. They end up chained to a barely profitable business, one that demands too many hours of their week. Before long, they begin to hate doing what they once loved.

“ActionCOACH has hundreds of strategies that can turn businesses around, but more than that, our strategies change business owners’ lives and show them how to realize the dreams they had for their companies,” he said.

ActionCOACH solutions focus on time management, team selection and management, and money management. Ivory will contribute strong team building skills and international marketing expertise to the client relationships, and leverage the ActionCOACH network for additional expertise needed to ensure project success.

Sydney is one of the company’s strongest regions; still, ActionCOACH Master Licensee Simon Harris was eager to add Ivory to the team.

“Brod has the communication skills a business coach needs to build relationships. He knows people – at a personal level, he’s built a great network, and at a business level, he understands how to select, motivate, and manage individual contributors to create team success. Brod will bring real value to his clients apart from the ActionCOACH solution offering; together, we are going to help a lot of company owners become successful and happy,” Harris said.

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