Announcing World's First Online Social Networking Web Site for Authors and Publishers to Work Cooperatively

Social Networking web sites such as MySpace and Facebook are growing at millions of new members per week. However, these are both the grand-daddy's of social networking and have focused on college students and the Tweenies. Now a growing need exists for social networking sites for niche demographics and authoring and publishing are the most obvious next step for Web 2.0.

Santa Cruz, CA, April 20, 2008 --( Book of the Month Club forming in the world's first online social networking web site for authors and publishers and other creative people. This is a call to arms for anyone interested in authoring and publishing great works of social import.

The members will co-operate on authoring and publishing a Book-a-Month, all on the subject of God and Gasoline, things pertaining to the Spirit of the Earth and how we can preserve it from extinction. Members will share in the creation of the book-a-month and in the revenues generated.

Samples of successful previous books generated this way are found at Search for:


This is the first time any Book-Of-The-Month Club has attempted such a huge and momentous undertaking. The Internet provides us with the technology to look at authoring, publishing and marketing in completely revolutionary ways. Having an Online Community for such a venture is radical, but also the next logical step.

Other Online Social Networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, now boasting over 100 Million members started out as a place for college students to congregate online and connect to each other through common interests, groups and so forth. This method of online networking and social cooperation is known as Web 2.0.

"The next logical step on the Internet is to use the new technology of Web 2.0 for varied special interest groups and authoring and publishing are the first obvious choice," said Michael Mathiesen Founder of and publisher of Born Again, the 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told and One Million A.D., The Story of Civilization 1,000,000 Years from now, both found at AMAZON.COM

"True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, with all one's goodness and righteousness." Albert Einstein.

Mr. Mathiesen went on to day, "It is apparent to me, and many others like me, that the forces of the universe are converging at this point in Space/Time called Planet Earth because this planet is at a crossroads in evolution. This force watches over us and you can feel that it wants to give us a push in the right direction. This is what Einstein was trying to tell us."

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that we all have to start pulling in the same direction. To join in the first cooperative effort to publish one great book per month that will help push us in the right direction, please visit:

Mike Mathiesen