Micropas v7.6 Software Approved by Department of Energy

Create 45L tax credit certificates for new California homes with Micropas v7.6, U.S. Department of Energy approved 45L software within CHEERS.

Sacramento, CA, July 14, 2020 --(PR.com)-- The Department of Energy and IRS recent approval of Micropas 45L software presents a valuable opportunity for California homebuilders. Under the provisions of the 45L New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit, builders and developers may claim a $2,000 federal tax credit for each new home they build that meets 45L energy efficiency requirements. The 45L tax credit can be claimed retroactively for projects completed within the last three years, and any unused credit may be carried forward for up to 20 years.

45L Tax Credit Requirements:

Homes must be 50% more energy efficient than 2006 IECC (national energy code), documented by approved 45L software
Project energy features (HVAC equipment, windows, insulation, etc.) must be verified by a HERS Rater
Must be sold or leased prior to January 1, 2021

Many different buildings types qualify for the tax credit:

Single-family homes (custom & production home developments)
Multi-family apartment and condominium projects 3-stories above grade and less
Rehab multi-family apartment projects 3-stories above grade or less
Student & affordable housing projects
Assisted living facilities

Most new California homes qualify for this $2,000 credit due to California’s strict energy code. HERS Raters perform the 45L required verifications and ultimately provide the builder the 45L certificates needed to claim the tax credit.

Builders looking to take advantage of this tax credit should contact their HERS Rater to obtain 45L certificates via DOE/IRS approved Micropas v7.6 45L software. CHEERS works closely with HERS Rater companies to provide Micropas 45L certificates. Micropas v7.6 is also fully integrated into the CHEERS Registry, California’s largest energy code repository.

For more information, contact Bob Johnson at bjohnson@cheers45L.com or (559) 308-6045. Learn more about the $2,000 45L credit at www.cheers.org/45l-tax-credit.
Amy Befay