New Service Helps Small Businesses Get Scene

New streaming video service helps small businesses implement video marketing without breaking the bank.

Houston, TX, April 20, 2008 --( Technology is increasing at such a rapid rate that it is becoming vital for small businesses to adapt and embrace new marketing strategies. As individuals utilize fewer traditional communication mediums, businesses must implement new methods of connecting with their customers both on and offline. Often smaller companies find themselves competing against corporate giants with huge budgets to stay in front of their customers.

FirstStream has responded to this growing need with a unique service that uses simple point and click commands to produce multimedia content that rivals that of larger corporations. Using this service makes it easy for small businesses to step forward and start implementing streaming video into every aspect of their marketing and communication. FirstStream’s Studio application integrates five of the most sought after video communication tools currently available and packages them into one low cost bundle, starting at $69 per month. This innovative, web-based software employs drag and drop functions that allow users to create and store their own live broadcasts over the internet, send streaming video emails, host podcasts and blogs, share calendars, backup and preserve all their digital assets.

Video marketing is rapidly becoming a necessity for businesses everywhere who wish to not only survive, but also thrive, in today’s technologically savvy world. FirstStream provides a simple, easy to use, affordable means of getting small businesses scene on the internet. To learn more or view online product demos visit

Aisha Hunte