Innovative Newsletter Chat Plugin Developed by Geeky Nigeria

John Victor, founder of, has developed an innovative Newsletter Chat Plugin that will enable bloggers and news publishers on WordPress CMS to share the day's posts to their WhatsApp subscribers (Groups & Contacts).

Lagos, Nigeria, July 13, 2020 --( An Innovative WordPress plugin, Newsletter Chat has been developed by the online tech blog, Geeky Nigeria, with its contributor chiefly being its owner, John Victor.

According to the plugin's description on Wordpress, Newsletter Chat is a lite plugin that allows you to share today’s posts to your WhatsApp subscribers.

Speaking on the development, John said that the plugin was developed to solve a major perceived problem on WhatsApp.

"These days, Whatsapp groups are being created for Blogs, in which potential subscribers are invited to join, so as to receive news updates. What bloggers would do is copy post titles individually to a text editor such as Notepad, and then organise, and select all to post on WhatsApp.

"The overall process is rather tasking, impelling to go through codes and various study materials to bring about the concept of Newsletter chat.

"With Newsletter chat, bloggers and publishers no longer need to go through the strain of copying 20 or more posts. They only need to publish posts for the day, then check the Newsletter page to share on WhatsApp. It's that simple.

"If posts do not appear on the Newsletter page, it's most likely due to the Timezone and can be rectified in Settings -> General," he said.

The Newsletter chat plugin is freely available for everyone to use on Wordpress.

John Victor is a blogger, scientist, and educationist. He created in April 2019 so as to bring Nigerians closer to technology.
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