New High Speed Self Service LogicMighty PhotoLibrary for The University of Gloucestershire

University of Gloucestershire launch new web-based PhotoLibrary using LogicMighty software via their intranet. All marketing staff across 4 campuses find the PhotoLibrary easy and fast to retrieve photos for their publications and marketing promotions.

Southampton, United Kingdom, April 21, 2008 --( The University of Gloucestershire’s central marketing department officially launch their new LogicMighty PhotoLibrary. 5000 photographs are shared with staff over 4 campuses for their own marketing activities via the university intranet. Users are given log-ins, passwords and privileges by the PhotoLibrary administrator. The system works seamlessly on PCs and Apple Macs and is designed for non-technical users. A variety of digital assets are available and statistics show the most popular downloaded images are photos and logos.

Staff in central marketing used to find managing and distributing photos time consuming and labour intensive. Searching for appropriate photos involved checking disorganised archives on a shared computer and hunting through stacks of CD-ROMs or old publications. Sometimes it was difficult to find the right photo and always inefficient to email large files. Now PhotoLibrary software installed on a university server allows privileged users to search for content using a consistent set of keywords and categories. With just a few mouse clicks, an image is found and downloaded as required. The new self-service PhotoLibrary is speedy and flexible, provides a wider selection of photos and complies with branding guidelines for marketing campaigns. Graphic design efficiency has also improved using the LogicMighty Adobe PhotoShop plug-in to find and manage photos directly from a page layout environment.

Ben Parkyn, marketing officer and photo library administrator explains “since we completed the initial set up of the library it has proved to be an invaluable tool. It has enabled our store of photographs to be shared around our campuses resulting in greater variance in our publications. The time saving for our central department is also quite noticeable as people can search for themselves. The rights system has proved useful in ensuring our brand is maintained through suitable monitoring image usage. It is an ongoing project to keep the library maintained but one we deem worthwhile.”

About LogicMighty
LogicMighty, established in 1987 to provide contract software engineering, is a Southampton company. Since 2000, web-based software products have been developed for communications, graphic design, marketing, photography and public relations departments. Education customers include University of London, Oxford Brookes University, Birkbeck College, Bouw College in the Netherlands, the Institute of Education and University College for the Creative Arts. Other customers are from local government, private and public sectors all around the world. PhotoLibrary is an easy to use software tool to manage, store, display and share photographs and other digital assets using a web browser. LogicMighty specialises in both software development and web hosting of its PhotoLibrary software products.

On-line Demonstration and Free Trial
Please contact LogicMighty to request a password to access an on-line demonstration of PhotoLibrary and a free trial to evaluate their product using your own photographs with no obligation to buy.

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