Orange County Real Estate Team Announces New Fractional Listings in Mexico

Orange County real estate specialists The Weeks Team expand their knowledge to fractional listings in San Felipe, Mexico.

Laguna Niguel, CA, April 21, 2008 --( Orange County Realtor Angie Weeks and her Metro Realty team announced recently that they have expanded their service area beyond the Orange County real estate market and have now listed new fractional properties for sale in San Felipe, Mexico. These new fractional listings provide great opportunities for Metro Realty’s clients to purchase vacation homes at an affordable price without compromising on substance.

“Properties for sale as fractionals often provide buyers with less risk then traditional vacation homes,” says Weeks. “When you purchase a fractional listing, you basically share the cost of the home with a handful of other investors. All costs and benefits are shared among the group of buyers, meaning that each investor receives a certain portion of time to use the property as well as shares in any maintenance fees, appreciation or upkeep of the property.”

Fractional listings are often compared to timeshares, but offer distinct advantages over their dated counterpart. Unlike timeshares, fractional listings provide a more stable investment and allow for actual ownership of property. Each investor owns a percentage of the property and can therefore sell or will their property to whomever they choose. Also unlike timeshares, fractional properties usually appreciate with value and offer a lucrative investment opportunity at an affordable price.

“Purchasing a fractional listing allows buyers to own a vacation home at a much lower cost then if they bought a traditional vacation property on their own,” says Weeks. “Since the all acquisition and operating costs are shared among the owners, the costs on top of a mortgage are minimal. Plus, with a fractional property, owners can eliminate the hassle of renting the property when it’s not in use as well as the worry of damage to the home from a careless tenant.”

Metro Realty and the Weeks’ Orange County real estate team, which are headquartered in Newport Beach, are featuring two new fractional listings in the San Felipe, Mexico real estate market. The San Felipe properties are among the newest homes in the area and offer beach front accommodations, high-end amenities and exceptional views, all at affordable pricing for fractional investors.

“We expanded to begin listing fractional interest properties on our Orange County real estate website because they truly are one of the best investments for our clients right now,” says Weeks. “By investing in these vacation homes, our buyers can not only take advantage of low interest rates here in the states, but also begin building wealth by buying affordable oceanfront property that will undoubtedly appreciate well in the years to come.”

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