Stylish News Ticker Plugin Developed by Geeky Nigeria

John Victor, the founder of, has developed a stylish and beautifully designed plugin for Wordpress CMS.

Lagos, Nigeria, July 24, 2020 --( A stylish news ticker plugin, NewsTick Ultra, has been built by John Victor, Founder of Geeky Nigeria.

The plugin brings the freedom of customisation at your fingertips, as it has several options for publishers to choose, such as alternative content.

Regarding the plugin development, John said there was need to provide readers with much needed aesthetics.

"News ticker plugins have been on WordPress for a while now. However, most are built with little to no appreciation for art.

"Although, content is what readers are looking at, beauty makes them attracted. So If you build something without no regards for beauty, you will indirectly ward off attraction," he said.

According to John, the News Ticker can be added on any page or post using the easily accessible shortcode, [newstick-ultra].

"Another aspect for consideration is how hard it is to recall shortcodes in a page or post.

"As a publisher or blogger, you may need to insert a shortcode without having to go through the documentation. Which is why I made the shortcode from the plugin name, and placed it at every accessible page - the wordpress home page, the plugin homepage, as well as the plugin documentation.

"This also conforms to SEO, especially on Google, as searching 'shortcode for newstick ultra' displays the wordpress plugin directory and the plugin documentation from the website," he said.

John also called on investors to support Geeky Nigeria in its goal to bring technology closer to Nigerians.

"There is more from Geeky Nigeria. With your investments, we can accomplish more and expand our reach in bringing technology closer to Nigerians."

NewsTick Ultra plugin is freely available for download at the Wordpress Plugin Directory.
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