LoyaltyXpert Launches Loyalty Program for NBFC

LoyaltyXpert has proclaimed that it has launched a loyalty program for Non-Banking Financial companies.

Ahmedabad, India, July 26, 2020 --(PR.com)-- LoyaltyXpert, a leading loyalty program provider, has announced that the company is now offering a loyalty program for NBFC. The company focuses on collaborating with Non-Banking Financial companies to craft a loyalty program that provides more revenue and loyal customers to their esteemed customers and clients.

The Loyalty program launched by LoyaltyXpert is intended to offer a plethora of advantages, including the rise in customer retention rate, an increase in average order value, extended lifetime user value, and much more. Along with this, it also offers analytical acumen, which assists NBFC in creating efficient strategies to gain loyal customers. It also helps in creating such an effective program that can bring more valuable customers for the business. It also offers custom-designed services and marketing strategies as per the need of your business.

On the launch of the loyalty program for NBFC, Mr. Maulik Shah, CEO of LoyaltyXpert, said, "We are pleased to announce the loyalty program for Non-Banking Financial institutions. Our loyalty consultants are highly experienced and well versed in understanding the needs of the client and will assist non-Banking companies to have more loyal customers and will assist them in gaining high productivity. We focus on offering innovative and customized loyalty programs like push card program, subscription program, gamification, rewards points program, and much more."

Apart from the Loyalty program for NBFC, LoyaltyXpert also offers a loyalty program for several other industries, including manufacturing, education, health and fitness, e-commerce, hospitality, Finance, FMCG, and several other industries. With every kind of loyalty program, they are focused on enhancing clients' customer base to encourage them to boost productivity and profitability.

About the company
LoyaltyXpert is one of the top Loyalty program providers across India. The company has a skilled team of loyalty consultants that have expertise in assisting businesses to maintain the current customer base and enhance more customers. Its loyalty programs are integrated with highly effective retention strategies.

Its loyalty program is a perfect blend of affordability, functionality, and flexibility that offers productive results. It also provides an opportunity to customize the loyalty program as per the requirements. Businesses can get in touch with LoyaltyXpert to reduce customer churn rate by having the proper loyalty program.

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