Mitrefinch Adds Facial & Thermal Screening to Its Time & Attendance Software Solutions

Mitrefinch is adding Facial Recognition and Thermal Screening along with Proximity Readers and Mobile Clock systems. Contactless Time and Attendance Tracking solutions support healthy environment at workplace and in the field and help prevent the contamination.

Boston, MA, September 23, 2020 --( For many years Mitrefinch, a global time and attendance software company, was delivering workforce management solutions for midsize and large organizations. Cloud based systems have been combined with web based or biometric time clocks to capture employees worked hours. The pandemic situation of 2020 has changed the options of employee time tracking and Mitrefinch is now offering a new touch-free solution.

It’s obvious that many businesses and organizations such as airlines, hospitality sector, public transportation, retail stores, small business across the US have experienced a big loss of revenue due to the pandemic situation. Based on the Washington Post, “more than 100,000 small business companies have closed due to economic crisis” and according to a recent survey by economists at Harvard Business School “1 in 6 workers is projected to continue working from home or co-working at least twice a week even after the pandemic is over.”

While the country is reopening in phases and this is a good sign for the businesses that have been suffering from the pandemic, it also comes with a number of health and safety challenges.

For midsize and large businesses with 100-10 000 employees, it’s important to automatically track time and attendance of all employees. With this in mind, touch-free time and attendance systems are now essential for preventing the virus spread and efficient workforce management.

Employee Time Clocks – What’s the major challenge?

In the past, employees could clock in and clock out using a fingerprint time clock or biometric readers. Now when business owners need to comply with social distancing rules and meet COVID-19 protocols, the health of employees became the highest priority since traditional punch clocks can easily help spread the contamination and put people’s lives in danger.

The Solution

COVID-19 is changing the way employees would register their time and attendance at work. Today businesses can choose several contactless clocking option to fit their needs and stay compliant to new work regulations and restrictions. Now fingerprints or palm biological clock systems can be replaced or retrofitted with hands-free proximity card readers, facial recognition systems or web-based, mobile or text clock-in software solutions.

They are easy to install and use and don’t require any additional hardware or software.

As an optional feature, you can add Thermal Screening that works in combination with a Facial Recognition device. It will measure the temperature of every individual and will automatically capture the time of clocking.

The Benefits of Contactless Time Tracking Systems

- Facial recognition: Easy to install and use, workers are required to stand in front of the small device that has a size of a smartphone. Facial recognition software scans the face and sends data into Time and Attendance system directly. Optionally, a Thermal Fever Screening can be used to measure the temperature. Conveniently, this type of device will recognize the face with a mask worn.

- Proximity Card: proximity cards or swipe cards rely on RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) to track time and attendance safely and accurately. Each employee gets a personal card for use with the existing biometric clock system.

- Mobile phones: cloud-based time and attendance software allows workers to clock in and out online via mobile devices. Thus, these systems allow employees to use their smart phones to clock in and out, avoiding the need for a time clock. Another alternative way is to use SMS clock in system. This type of mobile clocking is the best choice for remote employees in multiple locations or buildings or for the workers in the field. Combined with scheduling tools that show real time staff availability will result in a cost-effective remote workforce management.

Mitrefinch, a provider of world class of time and attendance software & hardware solutions, delivers intelligent workforce management and scheduling systems for midsize and large organizations in any industry.

Mitrefinch has global offices and partners in USA/South America, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
Liana Torosyan