Darren Bishop Joins MarketDesk as Head of Business Development & Strategy for EMEA and Asia

Hoboken, NJ, August 05, 2020 --(PR.com)-- MarketDesk, a cutting edge technology platform for content owners distributing financial data for traditional and mobile delivery, is proud to announce Darren Bishop is joining the company as Head of Business Development & Strategy for EMEA and Asia.

Darren brings several decades of successful OTC Multi-Asset Class Inter-Dealer Brokerage experience in the FINTECH, Market Data, Analytics & Pre and Post Trade software solutions sectors.

Most recently, Darren successfully consulted for varied strategic market data ecosystem initiatives to help Market Data content owners unlock value and build sustainable revenues.

MarketDesk CEO Brice Hamon stated, "Darren Bishop’s proven success in bringing new concepts and products to market forging deeper global partnerships within the dealing and brokerage community makes him a superb fit for our shared vision to deliver pioneering market solutions for global clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia."

Darren added, "I am very excited to be working with MarketDesk as they share the same passion and vision of smarter ways to collaborate with global market data content creators and consumers. Its cloud-based market data platform enables content owners to reach the widest audience possible and allow its consumer customers application and device flexibility in how they receive its proprietary information."

EMEA and Asia are highly individualized markets, differentiated by culture, sovereignty and national characteristics. MarketDesk is focused on building stronger partnerships with consideration in these aspects for both content creators and consumers by putting market experts on the ground and in close time-zone proximity.

With the pandemic affecting financial institutions globally, many business executives seek to leverage their proprietary information to create new revenue streams. MarketDesk is well positioned to aid those firms seeking to establish revenues through information sales or developing businesses who want smarter and broader distribution utilizing its content delivery platform.

For more on MarketDesk offerings, please see the company website at http://marketdesk.com.

Roman Walter Brice
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