spriteCloud Appoints Justin Leavenworth as Managing Director of Cybersecurity

After a successful 18 months of offering cybersecurity and penetration testing services, spriteCloud has appointed a dedicated managing director to further grow the cybersecurity services arm of the company.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- spriteCloud B.V., an Amsterdam-based quality assurance testing and cybersecurity services provider, is announcing the appointment of Justin Leavenworth to head its cybersecurity and penetration testing services arm. After the initial launch of the cybersecurity service line, spriteCloud’s success with these services has validated the need for further expansion into the market.

In January 2019, spriteCloud launched in-house cybersecurity testing services in response to the increasing requests from new and existing customers for testing solutions that could help them secure themselves and their customers from cybercriminals. These cybersecurity services initially consisted of web application, mobile application, and infrastructure penetration tests, and soon expanded to include wireless network penetration tests, vulnerability scanning, and cyber-threat intelligence assessments.

The quality of the service delivery, and pricing of our cybersecurity and penetration testing services, proved very beneficial to customers looking for cost-effective services in this domain. The positive response from our customers allowed us to build a more rounded service offering which generated substantial revenue throughout the 2019-2020 business year.

Due to this success, spriteCloud has chosen to further invest in the growth of the cybersecurity arm of its quality assurance solutions by appointing Justin Leavenworth as Managing Director of spriteCloud Cybersecurity B.V. This arm of spriteCloud is an independent company with a specific focus within the cybersecurity domain. As Managing Director, Justin will oversee the daily operations of spriteCloud Cybersecurity and will lead spriteCloud´s relationships with companies, helping them put cybersecurity at the core of their business practices.

Justin’s expertise lies in strategic digital business growth and transformation. He brings with him 20 years of experience in food security and digital innovation across Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia. It’s this experience in strategic growth and transformation which will help spriteCloud’s cybersecurity services gain a stronger foothold in the rapidly growing cybersecurity market.

The cybersecurity market is quickly growing as businesses are placing more resources into addressing the constant threat that cybercriminals pose to their organisation and customers. As cyberattacks become more pervasive, cybersecurity services once only accessible only to large corporations, are now being requested by smaller organisations.

To meet the need of cybersecurity solutions for both large and small companies, spriteCloud is placing increased focus on the growth of its successful cybersecurity services.

About spriteCloud B.V.
spriteCloud B.V. is an independent software and cybersecurity testing company headquartered in Amsterdam. Founded in 2009, the company specialises in providing quality assurance testing services including functional testing, test automation, performance & load testing, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, plus test management and consultancy services. For more information, visit www.spritecloud.com. You can also follow spriteCloud via LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flipboard, Facebook, and GitHub.

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