Americanoize, the Rise of E-commerce and Sustainable Influencer Marketing

Miami Beach, FL, August 06, 2020 --( It's time to change. Even before the pandemic, e-commerce was a significant opportunity. E-commerce continued to grow, despite the steep drop in consumer demand brought on by the virus, the digital sales more than doubled. It's not entirely surprising that, with boutiques shuttered, those still shopping for fashion, beauty, tech, food, fitness goods gathered on e-commerce sites.

From conference calls on Zoom to FaceTime with family members to ordering essentials on Amazon, the lockdowns forced millions of people, including hundreds of millions of late adopters, to become more familiar with the technology in their pockets, forming new patterns of behavior. For some, that meant shopping for products online.

E-commerce and Influencer Marketing are essentials in offering customers an updated website, with powerful e-commerce: an easy way to navigate and simple actions to buy the items required.

At Americanoize, Content video and photos are kings in the explanation of the product you are offering. Your Instagram business profile is your window, it has to be well engaged and with an organic audience, to help the brand's awareness and the sales of your products.

To increase your sales and fortify your presence in the digital world, contact Americanoize.
Andrea Angioli