Net Smile Announces U.S. Launch of Information Extraction Solution AIScanRobo®

Leading provider of innovative business solutions using artificial intelligence, Net Smile, Inc.

Bunkyo-ku, Yushima, Japan, August 11, 2020 --( Net Smile, Inc. a leading provider of business solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify and assist with the digital workflow transformation of today’s businesses is pleased to announce, the availability of AIScanRobo® in the United States.

Suppose an employee wanted to convert a large amount of invoices, receipts, or surveys into actionable data, it could take hours retyping and correcting mistakes. Or they could convert the required materials into a digital format using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and use a robotic process automation (RPA) tool to significantly reduce costs and improve productivity. However, there are various formats of invoices depending on the business partner, so it was difficult to realize this with existing traditional OCR. This is where Net Smile’s AI OCR AIScanRobo® can automate the process by analyzing the format of each document including complex table structures and storing the results as a template. Moreover, as the AI learns through the reading process, the accuracy increases over time.

However, the mission is not to achieve 100% accuracy. It is difficult for AI (machine learning) to achieve 100% accuracy in actual complex tasks. For simple tasks, 100% accuracy is possible with a rule-based system, but the AI is expected to learn complex business processes in which even human beings make mistakes. With Net Smile, rather than pursuing 100% accuracy from the beginning, a human-like AI that incorporates mistakes to the same extent that would arise artificially is introduced. “Training” the AI then improves its accuracy and results in the reduction of total costs. AIScanRobo® can be implemented within any industry that is looking for a digital workflow transformation.

AIScanRobo® offers:
• Optimal Analysis of Scanned Results with AI
• Automatic Template Identification
• Smooth Integration with RPA
• Cloud-based service with the latest updates
• Safe and fulfilling support system
• Read and output data from complex document structures
• Easy Template Setup
• Pattern recognition

AIScanRobo® can convert images of typed, handwritten, or printed text into Comma-separated values (CSV), whether from a scanned page, PDF, a photo, or an image. Currently adept to 5 different languages and can include others if requested.

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