Puhff Mask Wholesaler Sponsors Alzheimer’s Event

Puhff Mask and Accessories sponsors event with WMDA for Alzheimer's Research.

Los Angeles, CA, August 12, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Mask wholesaler, Puhff is working with the Washington, Maryland, Delaware Association that represents service stations, across the three states. The WMDA hosted a charity golf event to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s.

To start off, this mask wholesaler prides itself in taking care of it’s community with their face masks. As a result, the company sponsored bags, business cards and of course many packaged masks for event. This opportunity allowed Puhff to put their quality and durable products in the hands of people.

Puhff Merchandise ready for the golfers.

Mask Wholesaler Sends Supplies to WMDA.

“We are so happy to have WMDA’s support and even happier to be sponsoring this event!” CEO, Jaheyla Jones explains.

On July 23, people gathered and were able to raise awareness and money for a good cause. The WMDA and mask wholesaler, Puhff pooled their resources to create a safe environment for a good cause. Having masks allowed the WMDA to create a truly safe space and take care of their members.

Secondly, being able to provide a required accessory for this event has allowed Puhff to grow as a company and continue to act as a key figure in making face masks accessible and affordable. This wonderful event brings together many different individuals for a single cause. With the WMDA, Puhff has sponsored masks for the golfers as well as masks for the individuals to take home.

This unique partnership is something that has allowed both groups to help their communities and make a positive change. With masks being an integral part of the current reality and the foreseeable future, Puhff is glad to have the support of the WMDA. With their reach across three states, this partnership has allowed this mask wholesaler to reach new markets and communities.
Blair Jones