LoyaltyXpert Launches Education Loyalty Program

LoyaltyXpert announced the launch of the loyalty program exclusively for the education industry.

Ahmedabad, India, August 13, 2020 --(PR.com)-- LoyaltyXpert, a leading loyalty program provider, has announced that it has come up with tailor-made loyalty programs to empower the education industry. Its loyalty program will enrich the experience and long-term journey of educational institutions with excellent results.

LoyaltyXpert loyalty program is intended to accommodate several benefits, including commitment, appreciation, and loyalty of parents and guardians, enhancement in brand value of the institution and its values, understanding deficiencies and strong points with granular assistance and cumulative and synergistic effect on staff, faculty, and public.

On the launch of the loyalty program for the education industry, Mr. Maulik Shah, CEO of LoyaltyXpert said, "Our Loyalty program assists in creating a personalized interconnect that translates to enriched performance on both students as well as school performance. We are focused on delivering innovative yet customized loyalty program solutions that will enhance business growth for esteemed clients."

Apart from Loyalty programs for the education industry, LoyaltyXpert provides a customer loyalty program for several verticals, including manufacturing, finance, e-commerce, education, FMCG, Health and fitness, hospitality, and several others. In the entire loyalty program, they are intended towards enhancing the client's customer support base to assist businesses to enhance productivity.

Moreover, they provide several types of loyalty programs, including a push card program, subscription program, gamification, rewards points program, and several others.

About the company
LoyaltyXpert is one of the best loyalty program providers in India. The company aims at providing excellent loyalty programs that assist businesses in maintaining the current customer base, along with attracting new and prospective customers.

LoyaltyXpert loyalty program is integrated with highly powerful retention methods to retain loyal customers. Its loyalty program is an excellent blend of affordability, functionality, and flexibility that gives productive outcomes. It also provides customization facilities to customers as per their business model.

Education industries can contact LoyaltyXpert to enhance the performance of both students as well as staff.

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Phone: +91-7990238718
Email: sales@loyaltyxpert.com
Website: https://www.loyaltyxpert.com/
Maulik Shah