Guaranteed SEO Launches No Cost Website Grading

Guaranteed SEO Group has launched a service available to any U.S. based business, which includes a free 18 page detailed PDF showing opportunity for improvement on the submitted website.

Dover, DE, August 13, 2020 --( Guaranteed SEO was started to help businesses owners small and large achieve more consistent, recurring, and stable online results. The group had success early on as one of the dominating players in the SEO field, focusing on small to medium sized businesses. The team has now dealt with over 1,000 campaigns and is well versed in just about every business type.

The SEO process involves creating legitimate content that will engage potential customers or website viewers. In the past businesses would write “keyword articles” or “tweak” some items on their website and expect better search results. Now the requirements to be proven as legitimate by the search engines are much more strict.

One more aspect to the visibility of any business online is how it’s website and search performance relates to it’s social media activity and visibility. This is to say the two are closely tied.

“Guaranteed SEO produces results by ensuring the client gets an ROI and stable performance. We’re essentially following the rule book set forth by search engines and social media platforms vs. trying to trick the system or pull a fast one. This produces real, guaranteed results,” says operations manager Kim M.
Guaranteed SEO
Kim Malawani