Oregon Jamaican-American Publisher & Global Marketing Concepts CEO Launches New Satire-Focused Internet Radio Station in Response to COVID, Race, Class & Culture Wars

Raymond F. Quinton, legendary Jamaican-American author, publisher & Global Marketing Concepts CEO goes back to his satire, radio and music roots to create an Internet Radio station that features Action Audio Theatre, Rabid City Humor Productions, music satire, and a monthly morning show where he speaks candidly about race, class and culture.

Portland, OR, August 15, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Portland, Oregon legendary publisher and CEO of Global Marketing Concepts pushes the envelope on new media with a new satire-focused Internet radio station called Neighborhood News Radio (NNRPDX) in response to COVID, race, class, and culture conflicts in America.

He said, "It's time for change, for relief, for protest and to laugh at the irony of the day."

Quinton said, "I've been in publishing and media for a long time. The newest medium of Internet radio has always appealed to me as a way to reach a broader, diverse audience and learn some new media skills."

Quinton, a long-time media innovator and educator, moved to Portland from San Francisco in the 90s. He founded the Bay City Guide and 10 other newspapers and magazines in San Francisco and Portland and Seattle over the years. Quinton is a successful author with 9 books under his belt (adding a 10th this month), including a best-selling restaurant guide. Quinton coordinates the student newspaper program at Portland Community College, one of the nation's largest colleges and runs his media company.

"I'm a Jamaican-American. I'm older. I'm in media. I'm in Portland. I'm surrounded by race and class inequity. I try to push media to help change this and recognize Black people as humans and equals. This pandemic pushed people's frustration levels to the brink and re-exposed the underbelly of injustice in this society. We need a way to process this without being angry all the time. Satire gives people--especially Black people--a way to balance anxieties with the realities of this society."

Quinton said the station is a place where unconventional satire lives; a place where audio artists--especially artists of color--can cut lose and really be creatively-clever about what they see happening without fear. Quinton said the content features multicultural and generational characters performing from written scripts/improv, producing original satirical songs and featuring lengthy discussions on Race, Class and Culture.

Quinton wants more contributors from Portland, the country and the world. He said he doesn't play other people's music. He produces all original satirical and bumper music. He said the value and listenability of the station depends on original, innovative, sometimes crazy content that's driven by clever scripts, creative musical engineering and, as he said, having fun and changing the world with audio.

"Satire is a bridge builder. It allows people to see between the lines and think and laugh. It's a connector. And we think we have a great formula for a great station," Quinton said. "Plus," he added, "it's a tribute to one of my talk show heroes, Alan Berg, who was sadly murdered by White Nationalist in Denver Colorado in the 80s. I am also inspired by the great Stephanie Miller, who I listen to every day."

Quinton has no illusions about Internet radio. He said there are millions playing regurgitated music. Success, he said, will depend on luck, focus, innovation and support from like-minded people.

"Something being a long shot," he said, "does not mean we shouldn't try. Inspiring one person is as valuable as inspiring millions, especially if you happen to be that one person who gets inspired. "Alan Berg inspired me over 35 years ago. It's shining through today. Thank you Alan. Look your comfort zone squarely in the eye and shout you're not getting me where I need to be, then listen in."

Quinton said he is also a "brilliant amateur pianist" who tripped into opening for Dizzy Gillespie at Union Station in Denver. He does music production and is even introduced a new music genre called ElderFunk that features his associate producer Hundred Year Old DJ Senior. Quinton is a Social Venture Partners candidate and an advocates for creative aging and giving elder citizens a voice too.

"Why not?" he asked, "I'm getting there too. And damn proud of it. I made it this far. I might as well raise some hell before I go out--kicking and screaming I might add--and proudly wearing my Depend man-diapers."

Quinton said he's particularly proud of the hours of content produced so far, which includes his morning show & Podcast titled, "Mule To Man, A Plan for New American Negro 2.0," a series titled, "A-Hole in a Pickup Truck, At Home With Bob" and the Action Audio Reading of a story called, "Smells Like Envy," and a parody interview show featuring Lord President and his Lapdog Mr. VP.

"I'm hoping I can reach out and reel a few more into this medium. It's perfect for us, and I want to exploit it for social, intellectual, and satirical good."

Contact Info: Raymond Quinton Email: Raymondftn@gmail.com. Phone: 503-592-0383. Station manager Bob Simmons: Email: bobsimmons1987@gmail.com. Web: www.neighborhoodnewsradio.com. Podcast are in all major Podcast formats, including Apple. 24/7 broadcast is at Live365.com.
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