Softline Launches a Proprietary Cloud Management Platform

Maestro, Softline’s proprietary platform, is based on services from major cloud providers. Its users can manage any combination of clouds in one window, consolidate billing, increase budget transparency, and automate provisioning.

Moscow, Russia, August 20, 2020 --( Softline Maestro supports an enterprise cloud portal with a simplified interface for solving IT tasks in self-service mode. The platform monitors compliance with security requirements and reports suspicious activities.

Softline Maestro also provides several efficient cost management tools for the use of cloud resources at any level of the company. They include cost overrun alerts, expense limits on subscriptions and accounts, recommendations on cost optimization and infrastructure automation, as well as authorization mechanisms for the purchase of new resources.

Most importantly, Softline Maestro offers a universal toolkit for efficient multicloud management and self-service. Its key features include infrastructure-as-code automation, role-based access control, and a unified API for connection to cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, or OpenStack.

Maestro is a framework solution open to integration with other cloud providers and capable of accommodating new technologies. In the near future Softline is planning to add container support to this platform as well as make it compatible with cloud services from, Alibaba and Huawei.

Products similar to Softline Maestro have been available on the hyperscale solutions market since its inception. Gartner analysts believe that by 2025 more than 70% of companies will be taking advantage of multifunctional cloud management tools [1]. In Russia, however, the demand for hybrid and multicloud infrastructures, as well as tools for their management is just gaining momentum.

"The platform helps customers reduce economic and technological dependence on providers, speed up access to infrastructure for end users and make cloud service costs more transparent. In fact, Softline Maestro can save businesses up to 30% of their total cloud infrastructure costs. Despite its immense capabilities, the platform is fairly easy to master: any staff member would need just a couple of hours of training to operate it. After the first month of using Maestro, the customer receives a consolidated bill, comparable information for private and public clouds, an itemized cloud expense report and recommendations on cost optimization,” explains Liliya Ermakova, a product manager from Softline.

About us:

Softline is a leading global Information Technology solutions and services provider focused on emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Americas, and Asia. We help our customer achieve digital transformation and protect their business with cybersecurity technologies. Our services include end-to-end technology solutions, public and private clouds, software and hardware provisioning and broad array of associated services.

Softline’s 2019 turnover exceeded $1.54 Billion US dollars with sales growth 13.2% in the Group of Companies. Softline has offices in 50 countries and 95 cities worldwide. With more than 25 years of distinguished history we have managed to grow rapidly while consolidating technology expertise and a business model encompassing all emerging markets.

We serve over 60 000 Enterprise and SMB clients, both from private and public sectors. Over 1500 account managers, 1000 solution sales and technical presale professionals and 1000 engineers and technical specialists help our customers navigate through the ever-changing complex IT environment. We build long-term relationships with our clients, partners and employees.

Softline has partnerships with more than 3000 software and hardware manufacturers and has highest partner status with all our key partners. We provide a unique marketing and sales channel for our partners in all the markets where we operate. Softline is always customer centric and provides brand independent solutions which best serve customer’s needs.

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Valeriya Aver
Head of International Public Relations Department in Softline
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Valeriya Aver