3D Printing Challenge Offers Extensive Manufacturing Services to Make Product Ideas Real

The Challenge offers people an opportunity to manufacture objects that were unable to be manufactured before by leveraging professional manufacturing services.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 20, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Wevolver, in partnership with advanced materials company, polySpectra, are excited to announce the launch of the Make it Real 3D Printing Challenge. The winner of the challenge will receive $25,000 worth of additive manufacturing services to realize their idea into a physical product.

The challenge invites designers, engineers, and makers from around the world to submit ideas that take advantage of a new rugged 3D printing material, COR Alpha.

COR Alpha is an entirely new additive manufacturing material that can produce products impossible to manufacture any other way. COR Alpha offers the quality and strength of an injection molded part with the complex geometry and customization of 3D printing.

COR Alpha applications include, but is no way limited to:

- Commercial products related to interior design, fashion, devices and more
- Robotics components
- Brackets, mounts, fixtures
- Gears and valves

Cor Alpha printed parts have:

- A high-quality finish
- High heat resistance
- Strength and durability comparable to engineering thermoplastics
- Resistance to solvents

polySpectra, a VC funded additive manufacturing company from Silicon Valley, prints Cor Alpha using DLP (Digital Light Processing) printing, one of the seven main types of 3D printing. DLP printing is capable of reaching the highest standards of 3D printing in terms of part complexity and precision.

The challenge brief:
Applicants can submit their design for a stand-alone product or a component of a larger design. The winner should be able to provide a compelling explanation of how they are utilizing the characteristics of COR Alpha and demonstrate how the material can make their ideas real. Judging criteria will also include creativity and fit for additive manufacturing.

The prizes

The winner of the challenge will receive $25,000 worth of polySpectra’s production additive manufacturing services to turn their submission into a functional product. Depending on the stage of the project at submission, that winning package will include a combination of:


Design for Additive Manufacturing Consulting,

Functional Prototyping,



& Production Parts Fabrication.

Winners will work closely with the polySpectra team to develop their submission and make it ready for printing and application into their project.

More information:
People who are interested in the challenge can learn more about the Make it Real Challenge at Wevolver.com (https://www.wevolver.com/article/make-it-real-3d-printing-challenge)

The Challenge offers people a wonderful opportunity to manufacture objects that were unable to be manufactured before. Next to that, it’s a great way to become familiar with this new material that will have a massive impact on the way people will develop new products.

Link to images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WG51ZeZabbIquUUHWzKsIxFiKK32VB5M?usp=sharing
Richard Hulskes