Kitchen Robotics Launches the World’s First Robotic "Dark Kitchen" Solution - BeastroTM

Tel-Aviv, Israel, August 20, 2020 --( Kitchen Robotics today announced its launch of BeastroTM, the world’s first fully-programmable robotic kitchen, which can serve up to 45 dishes per hour and can prepare dishes in multiple cuisines such as Italian, Asian, salad, soups and more. BeastroTM, powered by a cloud-based operating system, aims to increase productivity and decrease labor costs for Dark Kitchens and hospitality industry.

“We are thrilled to launch our first product, BeastroTM, as dark kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years,” said Ofer Zinger, co-founder of Kitchen Robotics. “The hospitality industry has had to adapt during COVID-19 pandemic rapidly, and we believe that Beastro's advanced technology will ensure the sustainability of this industry in the long term.”

BeastroTM is the only robot of its kind on the market. The machine is powered by CuismoTM, a highly advanced cloud-based software, which fully manages the programming and the monitoring of the dishes produced. CuismoTM allows chefs to customize each dish while using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce operational costs and waste to a minimum.

Dark kitchens, also known as ghost or cloud kitchens, have been on the rise since the adoption of delivery service providers such as Uber Eats, GRUBHUB and DoorDash.

BeastroTM integrates with all major delivery service providers (DSPs) and matches their user delivery-takeaway market strategy. Its cloud-based software counterpart also offers dish analytics, personalization, customization, and supply management.
“The Food and Beverage market is evolving as Industry 4.0 standards are being applied in multiple industries,” said Zinger. “We believe that the industry's shift towards automation and smart decision making is accelerating significantly and reshaping this $800B industry.”

To learn more about BeastroTM or pre-order your robot, visit the Kitchen Robotics website at

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About BeastroTM
Beastro TM is the world’s most advanced robotic dark kitchen solution and the only robot of its kind on the market. The solution is suitable for diversified types of clients and cuisines, simplifies the design and can process up to 45 dishes an hour, maintaining dish consistency and sanitary standards.

The robotic Dark Kitchen is powered by CuismoTM, a highly advanced cloud-based technology. CuismoTM allows chefs to customize each dish while using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce operational cost and increase revenues.

BeastroTM Hardware Specifications:
• Starting at $5,990 per month
• 45 dishes per hour
• Cuisine - Italian, Asian, salad, soups, and more.
• Dimensions - Length: 3.53m [11’ 6”], Width: 1.8m [5’ 10”], Height: 2.2m [7’ 2”]
• Weight - 812kg [1790 lb.]
• Integrated with CuismoTM
• Certifications - CE, RoHS
• Rated voltage - 3x380V
• Frequency - 50/60Hz

About CuismoTM
CuismoTM is a highly advanced cloud-based software suite, which fully manages operations of both traditional and robotic dark kitchens in parallel.. CuismoTM acts as a programmable space in which each chef can carefully design and operate his served menu with the support of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools as well as various third-party integrations.

CuismoTM main features include:
• Easy on-boarding and customization of dishes and menus.
• Predictive analysis and deep learning to reduce operational costs
• Loyalty and reward system
• Tailored support for BeastroTM
• Connectivity to over 80 Delivery service providers

About Kitchen Robotics
Kitchen Robotics specializes in the development of robotic dark kitchens solutions, also known as ghost or cloud kitchens. The company’s vision is to reshape the way restaurants design, prepare, manage and deliver dishes in multiple cuisines. Kitchen Robotics was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs from various fields and disciplines who joined forces to cope with this unique challenge. The company’s suite consists of our robotic Dark Kitchen, BeastroTM, supported by Dark Kitchen OS, CuismoTM.
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