Green Apex Technolabs - Providing Transcending Development Solutions During COVID-19

The advent of the Novel Corona Virus has stimulated the utilization of enhanced technologies for companies. Amongst the enhanced measures, Digital Technologies like AI, ML, IoT, etc. have been some of the platforms that has helped many organizations stay indomitable in the face of this dreaded crisis.

Sydney, Australia, September 02, 2020 --( With the advent of COVID-19, the organizational sphere has faced an unprecedented scenario. Many organizations in India and around the world suffered enormous losses and Green Apex made sure they don’t join the trove. To stay operational, the Company devised a flexible COVID stimulus package, for existing and new customers to steer clear of cash flow problems and meet the expected business goal, subsequently. “We believe in creating a disaster recovery plan since the inception and stable growth,” asserts Smit (Founder & CEO). The Company maintains transparent communication and collaborative relation with clients, which has helped them devise their survival strategy. On another note, health and hygiene was a chief concern, for the Company during the quarantine phase. Everyone was concerned about maintaining their health and stability of the company, simultaneously. To ensure sustainability and growth, stipulated timelines clear deliverables were set to get work done. In addition to that, the leadership panel made sure none of their teammates is working in isolation and they never bring communication gap among team members. Furthermore, to keep their team members motivated, the Company devised several benefits, namely:

COVID-19 Relief Package (In case of Positive)
Better Medical Insurance
Hygiene at the workplace
Regular Consultation with Employees to keep a check on Mental Health
Flexible working hours

Green Apex has created a research and innovation-based business, which is adaptive to trends and transition of the market. Green Apex has always kept a cohesive relationship with its clients, which helps them understand the evolving requirements and package the product/ offerings, accordingly. Green Apex works beyond delivering products to customers; the Company consults with them on business analysis and market analysis level. They also take care of the cost to market and time to market to meet end business goals.

Green Apex has shown a proliferating business since its inception. Not just in revenue, the Company has achieved a 100+ retention rate, 84% Customer Retention Rate and 100% Success Rate. In addition to business, Green Apex emphasizes on social concerns like Child Education, environmental concerns and Personal Health. On the outlook, Green Apex is foreseeing to delve into the sports and Media Industry. Furthermore, the Company is also working on expanding its business. They are aiming to create a strategic brand presence in 5 more countries, in the next 2 years.

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