Blue Ribbon Bags Stamps Partnership with India’s Leading Online Travel Company, MakeMyTrip

New York, NY, September 03, 2020 --( Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB), one of the fastest-growing ancillary services in the travel market and world leader in delayed luggage retrieval services, has recently inked a new partnership with MakeMyTrip Ltd. MakeMyTrip is one of the largest Online Travel agencies in India, which allows BRB to continue to expand their growing footprint with global partners.

As part of the partnership, travelers who book air travel through the MakeMyTrip platform will be able to safeguard their check-in baggage against any loss during transit. Flyers will now be able to opt for the Lost Baggage Protection service within the booking funnel, before proceeding to the payment wall.

Commenting on the partnership, spokesperson from MakeMyTrip said, “At MakeMyTrip, we are always looking at ways in which we can make travel hassle-free and convenient for all. Losing baggage can be one of the most stressful experience for any traveller. We are glad to partner with Blue Ribbon Bags, who have the expertise in travel baggage protection offering a range of services that will offer great value to our customers.”

“Given the existing and future landscape of air travel, it is important for our partners to be able to provide 'peace-of-mind' add-on products that a customer can attach to their booking if they so choose. With a top tier reputation in customer service and award-winning global travel facilitation, MMT continues this rich tradition of outstanding customer care with the offering of Blue Ribbon Bags; Lost Baggage Protection,” said Daniel Levine, co-founder and President of Blue Ribbon Bags.

The service will provide the customer with real-time push notifications via email and SMS regarding the status of the delayed bag for the first 96 hours of it missing. By keeping the customer informed on the status of their delayed baggage, BRB is alleviating the often times incredibly involved process of a mishandled bag and acting as a crisis concierge on behalf of the traveler. If the delayed bag is not returned within the 96 hour service period, the customer would receive a satisfaction guarantee payment for BRB being unable to fulfill their service obligation.

Recent aggregated customer data shows that the top three factors a customer will consider if they book air travel are: flexibility of cancellation, health & medical coverage, and lost baggage given the current environment. It is anticipated that delayed & lost luggage will increase due to several new occurrences as a result of the pandemic. Due to COVID-19, there is decreased air traffic which means less direct flights and much more connections and layovers. Around two thirds of mishandled or delayed luggage happen on connecting flights rather than direct.

There is also an expected spike in the number of checked bags globally, as airlines, in attempts to keep customers safe, have urged passengers to abstain from bringing carry-on luggage in order to speed up boarding and takeoff.

Additionally, several airport ground service companies have cut jobs because of the pandemic. With more checked bags and less people to handle luggage, there is a higher probability for lost bags.

Lastly, it is expected that if and when families decide to travel for leisure or vacation, they will choose to stick to one location for a longer period of time rather than multiple smaller trips to avoid flying as much as possible. Longer trips mean more checked luggage, which means more lost bags.

“Our product is designed to provide customers with the peace of mind that if their checked baggage does not accompany them to their final destination, BRB will intervene and facilitate its return to them ASAP. We do not want our customers spending time while on holiday tracking down their luggage which never arrived,” stated Robert Ardino, Vice President of Blue Ribbon Bags.
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