BYD Motor Coaches Selected for California Purchasing Contract

Los Angeles, CA, September 02, 2020 --( BYD announced Monday its participation in a statewide contract will allow American transit agencies to leverage California’s purchase power to buy U.S.-built zero-emission BYD battery-electric motor coaches, made by union employees in Lancaster, California.

The state selected three models for the contract, which is administered by the California Department of General Services (DGS). They are the K10M 45-foot low-floor coach and the C9M 40-foot high-floor coach; and the C10M 45-foot high-floor coach.

Created to aid California transit agencies meet zero-emission vehicle mandates, the statewide contract will also be available to governmental entities outside of California.

“This is a big win for transit agencies and operators throughout the United States,” said Patrick Duan, Vice President of BYD North America. “By leveraging California’s purchasing contract, transit agencies benefit from the convenience of an existing contract and competitive pricing. BYD will supply its zero emission U.S-made coaches to California and America with pride.”

In addition to being zero emission, the three U.S. made BYD battery electric motor coaches offer passenger comfort with commuter-style padded seating and quieter operation.

Building on its long-standing commitment to cleanliness and safety, BYD can offer distancing, disinfectant and antimicrobial options for its line of buses and coaches. The options, reflecting the new realities of mass transit, are designed to help transit agencies assure that both drivers and customers are protected while on board.

The options include technologically superior driver barriers, innovative antimicrobial coatings and protective Plexiglas dividers.

The statewide purchasing contract was created to assist transit agencies meet the California Air Resources Board’s Innovative Clean Transit regulation, which requires that all public transit agencies transition to zero-emission buses, with all new bus purchases to be zero-emission by 2029 and the goal of complete fleet transition by 2040. There are over 200 public transit agencies in California operating more than 14,000 transit buses.

In 2018, BYD was selected as one of the suppliers under a statewide Georgia contract. Under that contract, entities can purchase the 23-foot C6M, the 35-foot C8M, the 40-foot C9M, and the 45-foot C10M in BYD’s motor coach line, and the 30-foot K7M, the 35-foot K9S, the 40-foot K9M, and the 60-foot K11M in BYD’s transit bus line.

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