run_frictionless 4Qs Framework Drives Adoption of Agile Methodologies

The 4Qs framework drives the adoption of Agile methodologies deeper into an organization. The two frameworks are complementary and allow for simultaneous adoption.

Los Angeles, CA, September 08, 2020 --( Business owners are aware of the benefits of Agile, and a few know about the power of the 4Qs. What you may not be aware of is how useful it is to mash the two frameworks together.

Today, they are thrilled to demonstrate how business owners can mash-up Agile and 4Qs frameworks.

In mid-2020, Wouter Delbaere, a fintech specialist from Asia Pacific, collaborated with run_frictionless to design a mash-up of the Agile and the 4Qs frameworks.

"The two frameworks are complementary and allow for simultaneous adoption. The 4Qs is a holistic framework for overall business success. Agile is a specific approach to software development," says Wouter.

Wouter Delbaere discovered mashing the 4Qs with Agile, drove Agile adoption further into an organization. He adds, "It was as though the two frameworks were written by the same people."

What are the 4Qs?
The 4Qs are short for Four Quadrants. The framework encourages users to 'play' or 'fit one quadrant with another. Although all four quadrants are distinct, each quadrant is interdependent. A decision made in one quadrant will present decisions to be made in one or more other quadrants.

The 4Qs was written in 2018 by Australian entrepreneur Anthony Coundouris, who first outlined the framework in his book, run_frictionless.

Wouter says, "My intuition told me there was a strong alignment between the 4Qs and Agile. Reading the book run_frictionless solidified my thinking."

It is early days, but the 4Qs framework is gaining popularity in the United States. The book run_frictionless has garnished over 30 positive reviews and a near-perfect score of 5 stars on Amazon.


Listen to the podcast
Listen to Wouter's explanation first-hand on the run_frictionless podcast titled Agile + Scrum mashup With The 4Qs
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