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Melbourne, FL, September 14, 2020 --( Reinvented, Inc. is launching their Global Giving Accelerator to raise $5,000 for their One-for-One Program. Reinvented's One-for-One Program ensures that for every one copy sold, one print copy is donated to an underprivileged woman. The donated copies of Reinvented Magazine are given to inner city programs, hospitals, family shelters, STEM clubs for girls, and low income students.

$25 - Donate a print copy of their magazine to 3 girls interested in STEM

$250 - Ship 100 magazines to women around the world

$1000 - Send a staff member to an educational conference to empower women to continue pursuing their dreams

While women make up about half of the U.S. college-educated workforce, they only make up about 29% of the science and engineering workforce [National Girls Collaborative Project, Source]. Let's review some of the facts:

K-12 Education: "Male students were more likely than female students to take engineering (3% versus 1%) and computer science courses (7% versus 4%) and enrolled in AP Computer Science A at a much higher rate (81% males; 19% females)."

Higher Education: In 2012, studies found that women only received 17.9% of all bachelors degrees awarded in computer sciences, 19.3% of all bachelors degrees awarded in engineering, 39% of all bachelors degrees awarded in physical sciences, and 41% of all bachelors degrees awarded in mathematics.

STEM Workforce: Studies have shown that a staggering 15% of engineering and 25% of computer/ mathematical science roles in the United States are filled by women.

Through Reinvented’s One-For-One program, over 3,500 copies of Reinvented Magazine's exclusive magazines have already made their way to passionate girls who are underprivileged, or might not have access to educational resources and opportunities. To further continue our mission, Reinvented has been selected by the GlobalGiving Foundation to participate in its Accelerator, an online fundraising opportunity for nonprofits around the world. In order to succeed, we must raise at least $5000 from 40+ donors! If we meet this threshold, we will be permanently featured on GlobalGiving’s website and continue to empower women around the world to pursue their passion for STEAM. Support Reinvented’s Global Giving Accelerator Campaign.

About Reinvented, Inc.: Reinvented, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization based out of Melbourne, FL. They celebrated their first Birthday on May 20th, 2020. In September of 2019, they printed their first issue, officially becoming the nation's first print magazine written for women in STEM, by women in STEM.The all-volunteer team has had the opportunity to travel all over the country presenting at conferences and meeting so many inspiring women that remind us why they are fighting to normalize the idea of women being in STEM fields. In one year, they’ve discovered readers in 49 states and 13 countries, recruited a team of 70 ranging from high school students to professionals, and sent out over 10,000 copies of Reinvented Magazine across the globe.
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