Solo Trekker 4 U Launches Timely Free Software for Travel Providers and Solo Travelers in a Downturn

As travel reopens, travel providers and consumers have been deeply impacted by the pandemic’s downdraft. This second-generation search tool benefits both those providers seeking to connect with a new, growing market sector and individuals looking for best pricing when traveling alone.

Washington, DC, September 17, 2020 --( As travel reopens, travel providers and consumers have been deeply impacted by the pandemic’s downdraft. Worse yet, solo travelers have to pay too much too often since travel pricing traditionally has been based on two travelers. As a result, the 27+ million individuals traveling alone face “single supplement” surcharges of up to 50% or more. Even where better prices exist for individuals, great deals can go unnoticed as solo travelers sift through an Internet avalanche of 2 million untargeted responses.

To solve this problem, Solo Trekker 4 U has launched its upgraded free search tool, Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM Premium. This tool revolutionizes both the way solo travelers find, and access, the best options and the way travel providers get the word out on their top options for individual travelers. Travelers can customize their searches in three ways: by destination, tour or lodging type and five types of solo-price categories (for example, no to low single supplement).

With separate search tools for tours/cruises and lodging, this premium upgrade offers greater functionality and ease of use than its predecessor. That initial 2017 version, notwithstanding certain limitations, noted in the New York Times was still a “welcome tool and handy.”

Elizabeth Avery, founder of Kalorama Capital and Solo Trekker 4 U, pointed out that in her view: “Timing is ideal for the launch of our enhanced Solo Travel Pricing TrackerTM Premium search tool. At this inflection point, the pandemic has left travel providers with reduced traffic and travelers with less cash for leisure trips. This new, cutting edge software benefits both sides. It gives those traveling alone a free, user-friendly tool to identify and directly access providers with no to low single supplements. For travel providers offering attractive solo pricing, it gives a simple, direct means to connect with this still underserved, yet fast-growing, market sector.”

There is no magic wand to make single supplements disappear. However, this Premium software tool provides the best current solution for solos and providers. By offering individual travelers a way to find and access lower rates, this tool revolutionizes the standard travel practice of basing prices on bookings for two.

Go to today to try out a sample search.

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Solo Trekker 4 U was launched on Dec. 12, 2012, by Elizabeth Avery, a Washington, DC venture capital investment banker and entrepreneur after a lifetime of solo travel. Solo Trekker 4 U, through its blogs, provides in-depth advice to those traveling alone from safety tips to top destinations.

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