Sonitrol Pacific's Electronic Security Lead Deputies to Arrest Two at a School

Sheriff's deputies arrested two individuals suspected of burglarizing a Washington elementary school after Sonitrol Pacific detected a break-in.

Mukilteo, WA, April 20, 2008 --( Sheriff’s deputies arrested two individuals at a Washington elementary school after Sonitrol Pacific’s electronic security system detected a break-in April 19.

An experienced Sonitrol Pacific operator received an alarm signal from the school and verified the nature of the activity using real-time audio sensors. This unique Sonitrol technology allows monitoring operators to hear what is going on at a protected site and reduces false alarm incidents.

Hearing activity indicative of a break-in, the operator dispatched sheriff's deputies to the school.

Officers arrived at the school and promptly located two individuals in possession of school property. The two were taken into custody and the school’s property was returned.

Sonitrol Pacific has provided verified electronic security to businesses, schools and other organizations in the Pacific Northwest since 1978. Over the past 30 years, Sonitrol Pacific has assisted law enforcement in making almost 5,000 apprehensions.

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Pamela Singleton