Ting! Author Arupa Tesolin's New Book to "Spark" Personal Innovation & Creative Power

Hot on the heels of her international business book success "Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better" author Arupa Tesolin's new book "Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything" arouses curiosity about the hidden feminine side of the science of creating.

Mississauga, Canada, April 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- In the fast changing world of innovation, people who know how to create and innovate can make the difference between profit and loss in any business or organizational venture.

Innovation is not limited to products and services developed by huge conglomerates. It is important for all organizations including community and artistic ventures and for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and individuals.

Creative energy can be better directed by understanding the deep relationship we all have with the roots of our creative ability.

"Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything" is a new book by Arupa Tesolin published by Wisdom Tree Publishers, ISBN 81-8328-084-6. "Spark" aims to conquer conventional notions about managing creative power and be more conscious about the power people have as creators in both life and business.

Spark demystifies the hidden connections that underly the secret feminine science of creating. This book reveals "the secrets" behind the creative process - and delivers the precise formula to raise the mind to the power of infinity and achieve a higher capability to fulfill creative results with limitless possibilities.

Spark helps to illuminate the pathway from the unimaginable to the imaginable, to the conceivable, then the created. Arupa describes how vision seeds grow in the silent womb of the creative universe and how to take an optimal role as an agent-partner in the process of creating anything.

"Creativity" she says "begins with the spirit, not the more material intellect. It shows up first as our quest to innovate in life and understand the nature of one's power to create. This is a deeply personal role."

"Our greatest possibilities as people and for the earth emerge when we grasp innovation as both a personal and collective power; one that reaps the greatest rewards when partnered with our more intelligent heart."

Spark will engage readers in a sacred and profound challenge to sculpt more meaning and purpose in their life. This is a book that can be applied in the business environment or with a corporate team.

Readers will learn:

- powerful strategies and know-how to spark the process of creating no matter what people think or feel or their current situation

- how to break through the barriers that hold a person back from being free to create

- to magnify and magnetize the things people want so they come rushing towards them like bees to a flower

- how teams and groups can develop vision and use their creative power to innovate better.

Credentials: Arupa is a Speaker, Innovation Coach & Trainer who owns Intuita (www.intuita.com), a company providing Innovation Training and consulting to organizations. She is a respected thought leader for business intuition & creative power, and the author of over 100 international publications in Innovation, Training & Management. She's been a guest on both radio and television internationally.

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Arupa Tesolin