JTLB Media Launches New Text Message Marketing Program for Musicians

The Thomas Miller Radio Show interviews Dean Steinman, President of JTLB Media on new Text Message Marketing for Bands and Business

Peekskill, NY, April 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Thomas Miller Radio Show Interviews Dean Steinman of JTLB Media on New Text Message Marketing Technology and SMS platforms for Musicians.

JTLB Media Inc. president and principal innovator, Dean Steinman was recently interviewed by The Thomas Miller Radio Show, one of the Internet’s most popular radio shows for the independent artist and musician.

Steinman was interviewed by Thomas Miller the host and producer of one of the most popular internet based talk shows that focuses on the music industry and more specifically the unsigned and independent artist and band.

The broadcast showcased how JTLB Media’s newest SMS/Text message venture www.TextTheBand.com can help any struggling musician or band promote themselves and build up a following all through the cell phone and text message marketing technology.

Steinman uses his technology and marketing experiences to help bands and musicians move forward fast and be able to get to the next level all right through the cell phone.

“SMS and Text Message Technology is bringing the information on any band or musician to the masses immediately.” Says Steinman. “A band and its fan’s experience is how a band is integrated into their fan’s life.” says Steinman in the interview.

“We have worked hard to be able to help the struggling band be able to compete, be able to get its message out, be able to communicate with its fans and be able to afford the chance to do this and most importantly to be able to create and personalize the experience of the bands.” Says Steinman.

The way it works is quite simple, a band signs up for the Textheband SMS/ Text message service and gets their own unique keyword and now will have the ability to market themselves to anyone who sees their myspace page, their website, their flyer, or see them live.

When someone texts the bands keycode into their phone they will get a text message alerting them of band news, band dates, band info and also have the ability to click a link on their phone (available on 70% of phones) and now be able to see complete band info such as photos, complete calendar of show dates, band bios and now also the ability to see videos too right on the cell phone.

Other topics covered include:
• How to create a branding experience through Cellular and Text Message marketing.
• How to promote the small business using Text Message Marketing
• How to push the boundaries by offering more than just what your advertisement mentions.
• How to develop a Customer Retention Marketing Program all through cellular and Text Message technology.

JTLBMedia is a Cellular/Text message marketing company that develops custom marketing platforms, custom database development and programming, and Text message blasts.

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