Second Passport: Vtoroipasport is a Leading Immigration Company

Providing Services in 70 Countries Worldwide, Second Passport Helps Citizens All Over

New York, NY, September 28, 2020 --( Established in 2011, Second Passport has serviced over 5,000 clients as they focus on assisting their clients in gaining citizenship, residence permits, work and education services in countries all over the world. They are actively working in the post-Soviet market, and service clients in Russian speaking areas, as 98% of their clients speak Russian as either their first or second language. By helping people immigrate to various countries, they are helping them get a second chance; a way to start over. Recently more so, immigration has been even more emphasized due to a global pandemic, and Second Passport is here to help.

CEO and founder, Yury Mosha, immigrated to the United States from Russia. His experience inspired him to start his own company, which would focus on helping others and make it an easier process for them. Second Passport started off as Russian America, which mainly focused their services to businessmen who were forced to leave Russia. Now, Second Passport offers immigration services to any and all immigrants. The company has more than 30 offices all around the world, including locations in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. However, their main office and training center is located in New York City.

The company very strongly believes that legal formalities should not stand in the way of following one’s dreams to immigrate to a new country and start a new life in whichever way, whether that being a new career or a new education. Their mission statement is to help all clients, regardless of their citizenship and place of residence, to overcome the borders on the way to achieving their goals, while guaranteeing professionalism that no other company can provide.

They offer various services to clients, such as the EB-5 program, EB-3 program, and the social adaptation package. Each program is different and should be evaluated to each client’s needs. In their social adaptation package, they offer a unique experience to make their clients experience fully rounded. In this package they include services such as health insurance assistance, real estate assistance, opening a bank account, employment assistance and more.

For the company, their brand and reputation are considered essential, as is the personal brand of CEO Yury Mosha. Alongside being an expert on immigration and business issues in the Russian media space, he also has over 50,000 YouTube subscribers, over 60,000 Instagram followers, and is a blogger and expert in media outlets such as Forbes, Echo of Moscow, and Snub.

The company follows this example and has been now published in major publications such as Forbes,, Meduza, and other various media platforms. They also have over 10,000 subscribers on their YouTube Channel, as well as over 5,000 subscribers on their second channel which focuses on jobs abroad. They also have over 39,000 followers on Instagram and over 20,000 subscribers on their telegram channel. Brand recognition is very important, as are their previous customers opinions. They have over 1,000 written client reviews, as well as over 300 video customer reviews that can be found on their website for personal testimonials about their service.

Alongside providing their immigration services, Second Passport has resources and information available on their page, which has over 3,000 publications. They have articles containing information on the legal and practical parts of immigration. All of this is constantly updated to make sure only the newest information is being presented.

Being the leading company in the immigration services market, Second Passport takes their work seriously, and they are committed to providing the best possible assistance to each and every client. They have done their job by knowing that they helped an immigrant be able to create a new life for themselves, with their help.
Second Passport
Jennifer Katsov