Free Webinar About Rights After an Accident

Leesburg, VA, October 07, 2020 --( After an accident, many people ask themselves - do I need a lawyer? Where can I find a lawyer near me? What compensation can I get for my injuries? How much is my case worth?

Attorney and mediator Brenda Waugh will answer these questions at her monthly free webinar, "How to Deal with the Insurance Company after a Car Accident." Brenda has a history of providing free seminars to help people understand their legal rights in Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. She has offered a seminar to help parties under their rights in family law matters for over five years.

Until recently, the seminar was offered in-person at both her Charles Town, West Virginia and Leesburg, Virginia offices. Recognizing the value that these information sessions provide, she has expanded the offerings to include several new webinars, including this one about auto insurance and damages. Brenda first designed consumer oriented legal workshops in the early 1990s while working as a staff attorney with West Virginia Legal Aid Society. The first sessions were in-person and involved a pro se clinic where participants learned how to file a divorce pro se. Eventually, she expanded this work as a clerk to the Supreme Court where she incorporated the materials from the Legal Aid clinic into a set of model pleadings that the court adopted and continue to provide free online.

Brenda is excited to bring this new, live webinar to the public. And while the session is free, preregistration is required and can be accomplished at her website,
Waugh Law & Mediation
Brenda Waugh