Spoken Word Artist and Empowerment Guru, doc.PEACE Releases Personal Affirmation Creation Tool

Pharmacist by trade, Spoken Word Artist at heart, Empowerment Guru and best-selling author releases Personal Affirmation Creation Tool to transform mindsets and take transformation seekers from powerLess to powerFull. This Ultimate PACT with your inner self is now available for sale at SHOPdocPEACE.

San Diego, CA, October 07, 2020 --(PR.com)-- The concept of self-affirmations is not new. Per Merriam-Webster dictionary, a self-affirmation is defined as “the act of affirming one's own worthiness and value as an individual for beneficial effect (such as increasing one's confidence or raising self-esteem).” 95% of children and adults experience lack of confidence and this diminished self-esteem suppresses opportunity and engagement.

Per evidence-based studies, self-affirmations restore self-competence by allowing you to reflect on sources of self-worth and personal values especially in times when your current reality feels threatening or hopeless. Affirmations avow your self-worth by reflecting on your values. Suffice to say, the benefits of self-affirmations are extraordinary. Additional gains include:

-Decrease your stress
-Improve your health and overall well-being
-Improve your ability to learn new material
-Make you more open to behavior change
-Overcome your current reality and prevail
-Broaden your perspective
-Engage positive emotions
-Reduce negative emotions
-Reduce sedentary behavior
-Engage action/encourage optimal performance in pursuit of goals
-Improve your relationships
-Improve focus and reduce distraction tendencies
-Lead to career success
-Override impulsive tendencies
-Promotes resilience and adaptive coping
-Mentally transition from powerLess to powerFull
And much, much more.

For many, however, self-affirmations have not proven as useful. Reasons for these poor results mostly lie in the fact that the statements being affirmed fail to resonate or do not closely align with personal core values. Enter Personal Affirmation Creation Tool (PACT). PACT was carefully designed by doc.PEACE to

- Build a value-based + future-oriented affirmation
- Boost sense of self, overcome current situations
- Make success inevitable

PACT consists of 2 key components - Principals of PACT and PACT Worksheet. The Principals of PACT breaks down the definition and the pieces that make up a personal affirmation including how to identify an accountability partner to encourage continuous practice of affirmations and forward moves towards desired goals. The PACT Worksheet walks the user through identifying the root of their affirmation, affirmation construction, and activation. PACT is now available at SHOPdocPEACE.

PACT was inspired by the challenges shared by clients of doc.PEACE’s Voice Empowerment Programs. These confidence-building programs center around the power of being GOLD. GOLD is an acronym doc.PEACE created which stands for Genuine, Original, Loving, Dreamer.

“Tapping into those innate gifts, talents and unique aspects builds confidence, strengthens connections, and raises the collective vibration,” says doc.PEACE. “PACT allows users to engage their GOLDen qualities, address their core values and future goals, and level-up their mindset.”

To learn more about PACT – Personal Affirmation Creation Tool and enjoy the welcoming benefits, please visit here: bit.ly/mygoldenpact

Please contact us at: shineon@docpeaceofmind.com

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As an African-American - daughter of Nigerian immigrants - she's presented on numerous stages across the world, speaking on how to live a more passionate and fulfilled life consistently. doc PEACE transforms mindsets using the power of spoken word and emboldens transformation seekers to own their innate gifts and talents and to share their life stories, messages and ideas to build confidence, form stronger connections, and fully enrich their lives.

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