Plethora Releases an Insightful Infographic to Highlight the Need for IT & Digital Skills Training

The latest infographic from Plethora puts forth the criticality of IT & Digital skills training in times of constant digital disruptions.

Pune, India, October 08, 2020 --( The technology advancements and digital transformation shock waves have permeated almost every industry in 2020, and global businesses are struggling to find ways to leverage newer technologies due to the lack of skilled candidates in emerging technologies.

As per the World Economic Forum, over 54% of all employees will be in need of significant reskilling by the year 2022, while the gap is set to be even more critical in some countries. However, the problem of skills gap doesn’t just end with finding the right talent in the market to address the existing gap, but it only proliferates given the breakneck speed at which technology is advancing.

Understanding the situation and aiming to provide actionable insights into some of these major challenges, Plethora has released the IT & Digital skills infographic to not only highlight the importance of technology skills training for today’s employees but also the need for constant upskilling to stay relevant in the future.

And, one of the foolproof ways businesses can upskill and reskill their existing workforce is by investing time, money and resources into the development of their employees and ensuring right people have the right skills at the point of need.

Plethora’s "IT & Digital Skills" infographic lists some of the top in-demand technology and digital skills across industries. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Cloud Computing and Data Science, the infographic serves as a perfect guide for L&D leaders to understand the value of digital and tech skills for today’s employees.

Plethora’s "IT & Digital Skills" infographic is available for download here:
Mayuri Gaikwad