Monogram Virtua's Art and Jewelry Show a Success with Patrons from Around the World in Cyber Space

Monogram Virtua Entertainment first annual Second Life Art Exhibit and Jewelry Show a success.

Santa Monica, CA, April 25, 2008 --( Art & Jewelry enthusiasts from both cyber and real worlds arrived in Second Life to view both the inventive and the practical in virtual world art and jewelry. The First Annual Second Life Art Exhibit and Jewelry Show was hosted at the Monogram Virtua’s Convention Center/Big Top Tent on Monogram Tria ( and yielded over 300 Art & Jewelry aficionados from around the globe in cyber space.

Featured artists included the late twentieth century contemporary Mexican artist Francisco Zuñiga and Real Life artist Stanley Silver. Additional exhibits included both SL representations of Real Life artwork and jewelry as well as sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs born in Second Life. Artistic creations by SL artists Zephyru Zapedzki, Reno Checchinato, Zanara Zenovka, JD Hansen, Zanza Marx, Wollemia Sands, Lala Lightfoot, PC Beaumont, Zoozyq Aeon, Bethanne Boyd, Phyzz Fizz, Tjake Kearny, Thely Anansi, and many more were displayed in the Convention Center’s open courtyard and Big Top Tent.

The Event Series

This was Monogram Virtua’s third virtual event in a series of aficionado based cyber world shows designed to bring members of Second Life’s various communities together. The idea for the Art Exhibit was born out of a conversation that Monogram Virtua co-Founder Randall K. Rubin had with Ariel Zuñiga. A close family friend, Ariel is Francisco Zuñiga’s son and is chief manager of his father’s important and prolific artistic legacy. Rubin was in the midst of describing his work with Monogram Virtua in Second Life and asked if Ariel would allow his company to represent his father’s work in the cyberspace. With his permission, Monogram Virtua quickly established an art gallery dedicated to Zuñiga’s works next to the movie theater on Monogramia Prime ( The gallery attracted the attention of fellow art enthusiasts in Second Life.

The two-day event concluded with an awards ceremony announcing Art Exhibitor Cat Baccaccio (owner of Cat’s Eye Gallery and Jeweler FaiRodis Aviatik (jewelry displayed at Russia – Rossiya for having the most creative displays, voted by peers and patrons. Each winner will receive a free full-page ad in the new MV Vendor Directory and free advertising at the Design/Build Expo coming to the Convention Center in May 2008.

About Monogram Virtua Entertainment

Monogram Virtua Entertainment is a full service 3D virtual world consulting, building and design firm founded by filmmaker Randall K. Rubin and cutting edge digital entertainment technology expert Harold Whaley. Founded in the ever popular Second Life platform, which opened its doors to the public in 2003 and has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions worldwide, Monogram Virtua’s business centers around providing artists, entertainers, and entertainment business partners with a portal into the discovery of a vast digital community, teaming with people, entertainment, experiences and commercial opportunities. Imagine creating any business you want in the virtual world and having customers from all over the globe, who visit, become exposed to your products, and purchase both real life and Second Life merchandise with real exchangeable currency in an environment free from the restrictions of physical commerce. Second Life currently supports millions of US dollars in daily convertible currency transactions and countless more in traditional commerce generated by virtual world advertising of real life products, and Monogram Virtua is a premium conduit to bridge the gap between real world entertainment and 3D cyber commerce.

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