Schneider Xiamen 0.96MW DG Solar PV Project on Membrane Roof Successfully Started Commercial Operation with SYMBIOR Solar

SYMBIOR Solar as the investor of the project is responsible for operation and maintenance in the whole project life. SYMBIOR Solar will ensure the generation of solar PV system and continually supply green renewable energy to Schneider (Xiamen) over the next 25 years.

Bangkok, Thailand, October 14, 2020 --( SYMBIOR Solar announced that Schneider (Xiamen) 0.96MW rooftop solar project is officially connected to the grid for commercial operation. The project is located at No. 455, Malong Road, Xiamen.

It is the first rooftop solar power plant of Schneider cooperating with Symbior China. The off taker of the solar project is Schneider Electric (Xiamen) Switchgear Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Schneider Group.

Schneider Group is a top-grade electronic equipment manufacturer listed in the Fortune 500.

SYMBIOR Solar as the investor of the project is responsible for operation and maintenance in the whole project life. SYMBIOR will ensure the generation of solar PV system and continually supply green renewable energy to Schneider (Xiamen) over the next 25 years.

The installed capacity of the project is 0.96MW. The system occupied 8000 square meters roof space with 2400 pieces of monocrystalline modules. The estimated generation of the first year is 1,108,800 kWh and will reduce around 1,029 tons of CO2 per year. SYMBIOR Solar and Schneider (Xiamen) signed a 25-year energy management contract to share energy-saving benefits and achieve a win-win situation. The model of the solar projects is self-generation of power on the roof of the off taker and self-consumption, then utilize the surplus power to the grid. The project not only brings saving on utility bills to Schneider (Xiamen), but also help green and low-carbon transition, undertaking of social responsibility and demonstrating the sustainable image of the company.

Besides, this is a solar power project installed on PVC membrane roofs. PVC membrane roofs usually include:
1) PVC waterproof layer, 2) thermal insulation layer, 3) vapor barrier,4) profiled steel plate and 5) Purlin, and have better thermal insulation and waterproof. It requires higher technical requirements for installing solar systems on membrane roofs than on steel roofs or on concrete roofs, and needs to select special structured brackets based on the membrane waterproof layer type. By considering the project located in typhoon area Xiamen city, Symbior takes a full consideration for the waterproof and wind resistance function of the brackets design. There are 3 features in bracket design for waterproof: fully welded inner core parts, bowl cover design and coated metal used to prevent the humidity between layers; meanwhile the flipped anchor designed in the brackets console for connecting with the building structure guarantees the connecting fastness.

Low-carbon economy has been become the major trend globally. More and more commercial and industrial facility owners are now actively looking for green distributed energy service to lower their costs and leverage their corporate image. Distributed solar is the major force among the group of distributed energy services with the outstanding advantages of flexibility, high efficiency, and environmental benefits.

Hally Huang, China General Manager of SYMBIOR China said, "It is a great honor to cooperate with Schneider. This is also our first project together with Schneider in China. We look forward to bring more collaboration opportunities between the two companies so we can have greater win-win deals and further contribution to carbon emission reduction."

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About Schneider
Schneider Electric Co., Ltd. (Schneider Electric SA) was established in 1836 by the Schneider brothers with its headquartered in Rueil, France. It is one of the world's top 500 electrical companies. In the fiscal year of 2019, the group have sales of 27.2 billion euros and have more than 160,000 employees in more than 100 countries around the world. Schneider Electric provides overall solutions for energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries, including energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation, and data center and network markets It is a world leader and has strong market capabilities in residential applications.

In China and for China, is Schneider Electric's everlasting historical mission to root in China for development. Since entering China in 1987, Schneider Electric has been deeply rooted in China, serving China, and always remembering its corporate social responsibility. Since 2000, Schneider Electric has donated cash and goods worth nearly 100 million yuan to Chinese NGOs and society, including personal donations from our employee for nearly 10 million yuan. For more information, please visit:

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