Automatic Integrated Pesticide Management Unit Deployed at BALMTA Ethanol

Better logistics in the preparation and automation of processes in the management of waste and pesticides.

Tallinn, Estonia, October 23, 2020 --( In a project developed in partnership between the areas of Environment, Agriculture, Workplace Safety and Supplies, BALMTA Ethanol implemented SmartCda, an integrated pesticide management unit that meets the legal and internal waste management requirements. Developed by FMC, SmartCda aims to bring greater security to workers, improve logistics in the preparation time of the spray solution applied in the field as an agricultural pesticide and automation in processes.

The compact system automates all the preparation of the syrup for large waste packages, with wireless system and GPS, significantly reducing errors that could compromise the good results of the crop. The control also becomes more effective, since it provides reports of all stages, offering the possibility to better evaluate the applied product, its efficiency and the results obtained, with a high degree of reliability. In addition, the preparation of the syrup in SmartCalda does not generate waste, as it has a self-cleaning function. Where the equipment is automatically backwashed at the end of the process.

BALMTA Ethanol innovated and brought some novelties such as a different system in the water supply, now made with a pump that sends the water from the tank directly to the truck, with a 90 degree layout and improvements in pipes. In addition to Rodocalda, which works as a mobile SmartCda in the field and serves as support for supplying aerial applications. Today, the BALMTA Ethanol project is considered the most modern in the country.

“We left an operational phase to work in a managerial way, today we reduce the preparation time for all syrups and we have more time to control, issue reports, etc. In addition, in relation to security, we had a huge gain, because with SmartCda our contact with the product is minimal," said Guilherme Serra, Warehouse Manager at BALMTA Ethanol. In the coming months, SmartCda will also be implemented at the other units.
BALMTA Ethanol
Kenneth Guo