UVClear Provides Germicidal UltraViolet Light Equipment

Prosper, TX based UVClear has expanded their operations and services to include providing Germicidal UltraViolet Light equipment solutions for businesses and governments. UVClear delivers UltraViolet Light disinfection equipment and service to assist in maintaining a healthy environment.

Dallas, TX, October 28, 2020 --(PR.com)-- As the COVID pandemic continues there has been great focus placed on keeping public areas, businesses, churches, doctor offices and schools clear of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. Advancements in disinfection technology have allowed for solutions geared towards hospitals to be able to be brought to industrial and business applications. UVClear, formed earlier this year, has had success in delivering Germicidal Ultraviolet LIght treatments to its clients. However, recognizing the market need and clients wanting their own ability to disinfect and sanitize their work or home environment, UVClear is now providing Germicidal Ultraviolet Light and sanitizing equipment as well.

UVClear is providing three solutions for businesses and governments to utilize in their effort to maintain a healthy work environment. Below is a short description and the application of each solution, to learn more go to www.uvclear.net.

Contactless Hand Sanitizing Station: Ergonomically designed hand sanitizer station that does not require any battery or contact with your hand to dispense sanitizing solution. The design provides a high capacity bladder that stores up to 12.8 times more than typical wall units and uses a foot pump to dispense the solution. It is perfect for restaurants, schools, government buildings, and offices where high traffic consistently requires a refill to keep your environment clean.

H70 Handheld Germicidal UVC Wand: Powerful ultraviolet light wand that provides an industrial feel with a foam grip and operating indicator. Built for purposeful use cases including disinfecting keyboards, golf carts, weights, treatment tables and other flat surfaces. The power that is emitted can treat a dentist office chair in about 1 minute without any chemicals being used before the next patient sits down. A perfect application for multi-use environments of chairs or other peripherals.

F1140 Germicidal UVC Floor Unit: The F1140 floor unit delivers 1000+ watts of ultraviolet light energy. Stainless steel design that is highly mobile with a remote control operation. The F1140 provides a durable and safe solution to maintain a healthy environment without using chemicals. Built for cleaning service providers and businesses that want to maintain a high frequency of disinfecting their workplace or public spaces the F1140 is the solution. Key applications are disinfection of gyms, classrooms, office space, restaurant dining rooms, and healthcare offices.

“We started this company to give Prosper and N. TX businesses an alternative to using chemicals and ensuring that a baseline is achieved on disinfecting. Now we can provide this technology to anyone interested across the country. This is the future,” says Steven Weaver, UVClear LLC President.

If you want to learn more about UVClear you can go to UVClear.net or contact them at info@uvclear.net.
Doug Clark