Parts Life, Inc. Will Manufacture Prototypes for 22 Critical Engine Parts for TF33 Engines Located on B-52

Moorestown, NJ, November 05, 2020 --( Parts Life, Inc. is pleased to announce their latest contract with the Defense Logistics Agency to reverse engineer and develop Technical Data Packages and manufacture prototypes for 22 critical engine parts for TF33 engines using their proven R.O.P.E. process.

“We’re grateful for the support of the DLA’s Small Business Research and Development Innovation Program, and program manager Denise Price. With Denise’s help we will continue to support the warfighter and U.S. taxpayer by addressing significant DMSMS and obsolescence challenges to ensure the mission readiness of the B-52.” - Chris Small, Strategic Account Manager

The TF33 engines are used on a variety of mission critical assets, most notably the B-52 bomber. Each B-52 is powered by (8) TF33 engines. Originally designed in the 1950s, the B-52 is expected to be in use through 2050 when the B-52 airframes will be approaching 100 years old, creating multiple DMSMS and obsolescence challenges.

About Parts Life, Inc.: Parts Life, Inc. is an alternate source supplier, manufacturer, and engineering service provider for replacement military asset parts affected by obsolescence and DMSMS issues. PLI's services focus on engineering and manufacturing solutions that address the strategic gap that exists between new military systems being introduced and the necessity of continued support of aging existing systems. Unique engineering and manufacturing solutions, such as ROPE (Rapid Obsolescence Planing & Execution) and 5R (Reverse Engineer, Remanufacture, Repair, Re-certify, Replicate) offer innovative customized solutions to address difficult part replacements. PLI is proud to support the military by serving the warfighter and U.S. Taxpayer. Learn more at
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Alicia Barrett