MOFFA Adds New Feature, "Cartgoal," to Facilitate Online Deal-Sharing and Bulk Order Splitting

MOFFAS, a New York-based technology start-up that focuses on building the next-generation “de-platforming” platform for social shopping, has introduced a new major module, “Cartgoal,” as the latest push to further empower their growing overarching framework.

New York, NY, November 08, 2020 --( “Cartgoal,” the feature that is designed to specifically handle item-splitting tasks, allows the users to easily manage, share and distribute bulk orders, among group members. Different than the more general task mode, “Cartpool,” which is to combine separate shopping carts into one during the checkout step, the “Cartgoal” mode injects a suite of functionalities into the web pages that prepare, convert and process the items into ready-to-split targets and structured deals. This module is suitable for situations in which a group of users need to share products, such as wholesale items and digital family plans, by owning only a portion of them.

“We added the Cartgoal mode because it would be helpful in a very common scenario in our daily life,” explains Robyn Zhou, the founder of MOFFAS, when asked about the motivation behind this update. “Sometime we may want to purchase wholesale items because they can be significantly cheaper than retail, but meanwhile it just doesn’t make sense to pay so much cash now to get the entire thing. Another good example is digital plans, such as a 3TB cloud storage plan, which is more reasonable when it is shared. Users can save lots of money following such practice, which Cartgoal supports and facilitates.”

With its user-centric mechanism and universal compatibility, the module, now built into the web browser extension, works on any website and web page.

“The ideology behind MOFFAS has always been about user-first, site-less and de-platform,” says Robyn. “We want to give shoppers full freedom as to what they can get and how they get it. Their options should not be defined by the e-commerce platforms with limited catalogs. In this specific case, with Cartgoal, anyone can make anything on the Internet into a Groupon-like deal. That’s our goal and we will continue to make the experience better.”

The MOFFAS eco-system is composed of the browser extension, which is currently updated to version 1.3.3, the community edition of mobile Apps on iOS and the main site that supports the social networking functionalities, all of which are offered to public free of charge.

Created and managed by New York-based Internet start-up, Being & Time, LLC, MOFFAS is a new cross-platform e-commerce service framework that aims to assist users in social shopping tasks. The ever-growing list of functionalities provided by MOFFAS includes shared cloud shopping carts, group deal processing, group bill management, in-group communication, etc. For more information, please visit
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