Offshore Wind Startup Company Announces Major Milestone

From Startup to Largest Employer of Fishermen in Offshore Wind in 10 months.

Melbourne, FL, November 09, 2020 --( Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC Announces Major Milestone and now, Offshore Wind Developers have easy access to experienced, local mariners anxious to work in Offshore Wind.

“We started out with a goal of helping a few guys get work in the Offshore Wind Industry and suddenly we became the largest service and personnel provider in our niche,’” said Paul Forsberg, CEO at Offshore Wind Farm Support. “Our phone rings all day with fishermen, captains and boat owners anxious to can get involved in Offshore Wind.”

Many fishermen want to change careers while remaining on the water and we are committed to helping them get involved in this exciting new industry. “It is a win/win for everyone,” says Forsberg, “Offshore Wind developers need marine professionals and fishermen who have been struggling need the work.”

“This is the easiest work and most money I’ve ever made working on the water!” said Eric Hannan, a 25year fishing veteran and now Fisheries Liaison Officer, “I’m so glad to get into this industry. My entire outlook on life has a whole new meaning.”

Founded in January of 2020, Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC is the largest employer of fishermen in the US Offshore Wind Industry and has the largest network of mariners and local boat owners anxious to get involved in the US Offshore Wind Industry.
Offshore Wind Farm Support, LLC
Paul Forsberg