Business Coach and #1 Best Selling Author, Lauren Turton Releases New Program for Women Who Feel Stuck in Their Career

San Diego, CA, November 12, 2020 --( Business Coach and #1 Best Selling Author, Lauren Turton releases new program for women who feel stuck in their career and want to breakthrough to their next level of success by starting their own online based business.

In a recent study of 9,000 women across 15 countries, including 2,000 women in the US, found that 72% of those women aspire to own their own business, and 50% of them did not have their own business yet.

Soul Career Clarity by Lauren Turton works with women to create their own online based business and takes them through the following steps:

Clear anything blocking your mindset for the breakthrough you crave and reprogram your thinking so you can access your full potential.

Identify where your limiting beliefs come from from and how to overcome them.

Tap into your life’s purpose so you can use that as your driving force to take you to the next level.

Identify who your ideal client is.

Create a transformational, online program so you change the lives of countless people.

Craft your messaging so you attract your ideal client.

Create a launch plan so you sign your first clients.

Get booked on other people’s platforms so your message can be shared worldwide.

Through Soul Career Clarity, Turton helps her clients create a business that allows them to have location, time, and financial freedom.

“It’s time to take action now,” says Lauren Turton. “It’s time to take imperfect action so that you can optimize on that action.”

About Lauren Turton
Lauren Turton is the creator of Soul Career Clarity, an 8 step formula that helps women break through to their next level of success. She is a partner at Ciao Ciao Piadina, an Italian restaurant located in La Jolla, California. She is the founder of At Least One Day A Month, which works with small nonprofit organizations based in San Diego to raise awareness for their causes.

She also serves as Vice President of Help The Kani, a volunteer based nonprofit that gives children in India educational opportunities and essential services so they can be self-sufficient upon adulthood. Lauren travels to India annually to ensure their projects are being managed successfully. In addition, she holds a position on the Board of Directors at a private academy in India that provides education for underprivileged women.

Lauren is fueled by her passion for assisting others to not merely survive, but thrive. She believes in empowering women so they can make positive shifts in their personal and professional lives and exceed expectations. She feels this is the essence of true leadership, and needed now more than ever before.

Lauren's many passions include a self-portrait photography project called Find The Hare. She explores her essence as a hare, escaping the confines of the human body by photographing herself in a rabbit mask. Utilizing interesting spaces, she is able to take the viewer on an otherworldly journey. This photographic diary, shot globally, is a cathartic platform for Lauren to delve into her psyche and share her emotional inner workings through visual expression. She has been on this creative journey for over ten years.

Lauren is originally from Dayton, Ohio and moved to San Diego in 2012. She currently resides in La Jolla, California with her elderly Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix, Luckie. In her spare time you can find her cruising around on an electric skateboard spreading sparkles, love and rhinestone magic while dancing at house music events, attending car rallies with the car club, Fast Lane Drive and traveling as often as she can. Italy and India are her favorite destinations!

For up-to-date information, please add Lauren on Instagram and connect with her on all social media platforms: @laurenturton.
Lauren Turton