"Exer-Tainment" Exercising Will Launch Your New Year Fitness Goals in 2021

Los Angeles, CA, November 12, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Avoid "Quitter’s Day" on Jan 19th by trying this unique entertainment-driven adventure fitness app – Apocalypse Survival Training.

As January looms everyone is looking ahead to those new year resolutions it annually bestows. Health and fitness is set to top 2021’s list, with a YouGov poll confirming 50% of people stating their top resolution is to exercise more. Last year Strava analysed over 800m of their user-logged activities and now predicts the day most people are likely to give up on their new year resolutions is January 19 (they call it Quitter’s Day). So, it’s challenging enough, without adding COVID-19, screen fatigue for virtual workouts and those who are struggling to exercise under the new restrictive measures. Successfully returning to health this January will be much more challenging than usual, so people need something unique and inspiring to achieve this once the January blues hit.

Enter Adele Andersen, fitness expert, bootcamp instructor, passionate geek and founder of the "Apocalypse Survival Training" app. Her mission is to make exercising more fun and rewarding by fusing story-lead entertainment with exercise routines for positive results. Apocalypse Survival Training does this through its gripping storyline, set in an alternate reality London, where each user is guided by team of trainers to save the world from an alien invasion one workout at a time. Unlike other apps in this market, it stands out for having full length audio drama through its episodes – instead of padding the story with the user’s playlist – full and expert coaching from start to finish, three types of workout (running, bodyweight circuit training and yoga/stretch) and is produced so that it sounds like the user is in a three dimensional audio space with the other characters, and aliens, around them, creating a uniquely immersive experience.

The other key to Apocalypse Survival Training’s popularity is the characters. Adele explains, “I wanted to make sure most people who use the app feel represented by the characters, so as with our users, we have some who love to workout, and some who don’t have a great relationship with exercising. But because they’re all thrown into this invasion storyline, we have to coach some characters through that, while challenging others, meaning we’re also coaching to all user levels – and attitudes!”

She adds, “So it is the perfect app for those who need, or want, to try something a little different this Jan to get them through the hump that comes after the initial excitement and motivation of New Year’s resolutions wear off. All you need is your mobile, headphones and an adventurous spirit to get started!"

Apocalypse Survival Training app is available to download via the App Store and Google Play store, you can try episode 1 for free and then continue your mission by purchasing single episodes or a package (£6.99 for the first 10 episodes or £0.99 per episode, or unlock a £5.99 special offer at the end of Episode 1).
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