#TogetherWeCan: The First Global Inclusivity Celebration

Los Angeles, CA, November 14, 2020 --(PR.com)-- On December 1st, THE Home invites you to join #TogetherWeCan, an online inclusivity celebration honoring and empowering communities that experience social exclusion. 

During this event, THE Home, a 501c3 non-profit organization that ignites social change and serves major ecological concerns, will launch its fundraising campaign to develop the first regenerative center and provide support and education to different communities. "THE home project is about connection and inclusivity that is why we chose #TogetherWeCan inclusivity celebration as the main part of our launch program. We are establishing a decentralized network of regenerative farms and permaculture gardens to serve as healing and educational centers for people in need. Being focused on displaced populations and minorities, we will provide all residents with holistic health care, and the necessary knowledge and skills to spread regenerative practices and restore the land worldwide," stated Nika Sazonova, the founder of THE Home. 

#TogetherWeCan aims to improve intergroup understanding and inspire collaboration across generations, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexuality, and other differences. THE Home is inviting representatives from Indigenous, Black, and Latinos communities, Kids, LGBT, Women, people with disabilities and formerly homeless people, to speak out, share their stories of struggle and success, traditions, and immersive encounters. Ava Pipitone, The CEO of Suyana Technologies Inc. and Former Executive Director of Baltimore Transgender Alliance, and Susan Barnes, a respected meditation teacher, speaker, artist & healer, will host this virtual event and share their insights and experiences. 

About THE Home

THE Home, is a new age non-profit 501c3 that aims to reverse climate change and restore lands globally by supporting communities in their way to self-sufficiency through regenerative agriculture.
THE Home
Melissa Cannelle Alibo