ActionCOACH Office Expands in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mieritz to offer the company’s management solutions to local business owners.

Las Vegas, NV, April 26, 2008 --( Steve Mieritz attained certification as an ActionCOACH has joined the coaching firm of G.K. Fields & Associates in Fort Wayne.

Every ActionCOACH – there are more than 1,000 around the world – leverages career experience, training, community involvement, and entrepreneurial spirit to forge mentoring relationships with business owners and entrepreneurs.
Mieritz’s career experience began early.

“I started a video store in the late 80s with a $26k loan and grew it into the worlds 41’s largest chain. It was not easy, though. I struggled in the early years, but my father was there to ‘coach’ me. I see other business owners struggling without a coach, and it motivated me to complete the ActionCOACH certification curriculum. I will offer guidance and support to my clients just as my father supported me,” he said.

Personal commitment to each client and to the local community is a hallmark of ActionCOACH. The relationship goes beyond conventional business consulting because the focus is on the business owner, not the business. It is more than mentoring because the ActionCOACH challenges the business owner to exceed goals and holds the business owner accountable for executing the planned strategy.

A more accurate description of an ActionCOACH might be that of a “personal trainer” for business owners.

Greg Fields, founder of G.K. Fields & Associates, recognized Mieritz’s potential for business coaching.

“Steve is a winner – and he’s infectious. Success is the only option for Steve. Clients will either get on board with that concept or find a new business coach – and I don’t think he’ll lose many. Steve was born to be an entrepreneur, and he has an innate sense for marketing and people. As a fellow business owner, he can talk the talk and walk the walk. Clients sense that he truly understands their frustrations and their dreams. I feel fortunate to be surrounding myself with such high caliber people.”

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