Metro Safety Offers Training for Workers Working in Confined Spaces in British Columbia

The company offers comprehensive workplace safety training courses to employers and employees in British Columbia.

Metro Safety Offers Training for Workers Working in Confined Spaces in British Columbia
Coquitlam, Canada, November 27, 2020 --( Occupational risks and hazards are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in Canada. A recent report showed that 1,027 Canadian workers died of work-related causes in 2018. Over the years, ongoing studies and reports have been published worldwide regarding the safety concerns of confined spaces and ways to prevent disaster. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) also released a CSA Z1006 standard, which requires employers to implement a confined space hazard assessment and control program to reduce the risks and fatalities inherent to these spaces.

British Columbia’s leading training school, Metro Safety Training, provides comprehensive workplace safety courses to educate employees about workplace responsibilities toward their safety. The company’s Confined Space Training program highlights the importance of safety inspections and ensuring effective ventilation. In addition to this, students learn about the nature chemical gases in different atmospheric conditions and how to mitigate risks with gas detectors, ventilation, and lock-out verification.

A spokesperson from Metro Safety commented, “Our training courses help employees mitigate risks, increase work productivity and reduce medical expenses. We believe that prevention is better than cure, especially in the workplace. Confined spaces are more hazardous than regular workspaces as workers face the risk of asphyxiation, electric shocks, entrapment, along toxic exposure. In Canada, about 50 percent of confined space deaths resulted from insufficient oxygen. Our elaborate courses empower employers and employees to derive a control plan that drastically reduces the risk of injuries.”

Besides offering workplace safety training, Metro Safety also provides emergency first aid courses for BC residents. These courses include airway emergency training, breathing & circulation emergency, and first Aid for respiratory & cardiac arrest.

“Medical emergencies occur when they’re least expected. If they occur at the workplace, the employer’s help responsible. These medical emergencies aren’t only physical injuries; but can also include cardiac arrests, shock, asthma attacks, epilepsy and others. By the time professional medical help arrives, it may be too late. Having individuals who are certified in administering first aid can be the difference between life and death,” the spokesperson added.

Employers based in BC interested in workplace safety training and first aid courses can get in touch with Metro Safety Training via the mentioned contact details.

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Based in Coquitlam, Metro Safety Training provides first aid training courses and workplace training courses in to all students in British Columbia. They have a state-of-the-art training center with offers critical first-aid response training to their clients. They also provide specific training for occupational safety, such as Fall Protection Training, Confined Space Training and Forklift Operator Training.

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