Second Psychic Dog Video Suggests Canines Can Develop a Telepathic Link with Their Owners

New video of a canine research experiment adds to evidence of telepathic link between dog and his human family.

Del Mar, CA, April 27, 2008 --( Researchers at have released a second video from their ongoing experiment investigating whether animal ESP is a naturally occurring phenomena. The experiment compares the “waiting behavior” of a dog when his owner is away from home versus when the owner is returning home. Researchers believe some dogs may show an increase in “waiting behavior” (e.g. looking out a window, or pacing at the door) when owners have thoughts of returning home.

According to founder, Alex Tsakiris, this shift in behavior can’t be easily explained by other means:

“…of course, the first thing we looked at is whether the dog is reacting to some routine, or picking up some signal that the owner is giving them about when they are returning, but these things are relatively easy to control for… at this point, the possibility of telepathy has to be considered.”

Tsakiris also stressed the need for more trials before definitive conclusions can be reached. The free video is available at:


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